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    I enjoyed this easy read even though Ben doesn't like cats He's a dog man A bit cheesy in places but always fascinating to read about global animal encounters and Ben has his head screwed on when it comes to conservation issues as you would expect from a man with such a love of animals

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading another one of Ben Fogle’s book This is a tale of his encounters with animals across the world but it is also informative so I learnt uite a lot along the way His passion for animals and nature is very apparent and his writing flows keeping one entertained throughout Would recommend this book to animal lovers

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    I enjoyed all of Ben's animal related stories and his honestly written examples of human nature conflicts where there are no easy answers The parts where he talks about losing his dogs make for hard reading

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    I don't like Ben Fogle on TV and wondered if I'd like him in print Well not much but I realised that the secret of his success is that he says what the chap in the pub would say about anything that is put in front of him I prefer to watch educated people with interesting world views What is encouraging is that he seems to be a nice chap I think people must like him because he's niceHe's not afraid to stand up for what he thinks is right the rights of dispossessed Chagos Islanders even if it means opposing his best friend Kate Humble and the environmental movement that he basically owes his livelihood to who support the marine sanctuary that replaced the military testing site As it happens I agree with him Why not allow the islanders to return home and work on co existence schemes such as those in the Yorkshire Dales? But I always respect people who will say what they think is rightI noticed yet again that a supportive family background is rather helpful

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    I loved and hated this book I don't know Ben Fogle might be the nicest and most interesting person imaginable in person but at least once every chapter in this book I wanted to smack him His stories about traveling all over the world to see animals in their habitats the amazing scientists he has met his work with conservation his love for his dog and his family probably in that order all great His continual soul searching about whether or not to eat meat if you think about it that much be vegan already and his own internal conflicts over the relationship between humans and animals and the environment while they are internal conversations most thoughtful people have at least once in their lives should probably be limited to the introduction or one appropriate place in the book Not Every Chapter

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    At first this book was promisingly funny and very truthful But as I got further in the book took a serious and almost too factual in the role Ben Fogle took in the Animal World I learnt about a lot of new species not only of different breeds of dogs but also pink dolphins The ending of the book was heartbreaking as was the beginning of the book as dogs lost their lives I'm such a soft touch when it comes to dogs I loved the camaraderie between Ben and Kate Humble never realized that they did so many programs together

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    Lovely book you can tell Ben's passion for nature and the environment from beginning to end

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    Not uite as good as his last book I don't think but he comes across as a lovely bloke and the part at the end with Inca made me cry

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    Simple read with some real warm moments Enjoyed it overall but he does meander all over the place

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The Accidental Naturalist

REVIEW ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ï Ben Fogle

O changed his life Since first melting the nation's heart on Castaway the duo have been inseparable With Inca's help Ben was soon charming worms and tickling trout on Countryfile minding the big cats on Animal Park and fronting the BBC's coverage of CruftsBen's passion for wildlife has taken him all over the world from the plains of Africa to the sea ice of Antarctica He has played with penguins been chased by bull elephant s. At first this

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For as long as he can remember Ben Fogle has been surrounded by creatures great and small As a young boy his best friends were Liberty and Lexington the family dogs Then there was Milly the puma sized cat Jaws the goldfish and three very 'charismatic' parrots not to mention a whole host of weird and wonderful animals that came through the doors of his father's veterinary practiceThen came Inca Ben's adorable black Labrador wh. I enjoyed thi

REVIEW ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ï Ben Fogle

Eals and tapirs and helped operate on a cheetah He has given mud packs to rhinos bathed with elephants and risked life and limb diving with Nile crocodiles all the while campaigning tirelessly for conservation the environment and animal welfareHair raising heart breaking and wildly entertaining The Accidental Naturalist tells the extraordinary true stories of Ben's amazing encounters with animals and how they changed his life. Not uite as g

  • Hardcover
  • 352
  • The Accidental Naturalist
  • Ben Fogle
  • English
  • 19 August 2018
  • 9780593068557

About the Author: Ben Fogle

Ben Fogle is a presenter writer and adventurer His achievements include racing 160 miles across the Sahara desert in the notorious Marathon Des SablesHe has rowed the Atlantic Ocean in 49 days and crossed Antarctica in a foot race to the South PoleHe has presented numerous programmes including BBC’s Animal Park Wild In Africa Countryfile Crufts One Man and His Dog and Extreme DreamsHe wri