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    Poor writing style with dialogue particularly unconvincing The author tells us constantly how good certain characters are and excuses them for immoral behaviour while judging other characters for the exact same behaviour The main character basically causes the death of her ex lovers wife by fondling him in the street but also has the luck of the devil to rise to high position with no discernible skills or personality It was one of the worst books I’ve read in a long time and I only finished it because I was on holiday and short on reading material I’d have been happier burning it tbh

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    So ends another sagaYet another Iris Gower saga is brought to an unsatisfactory conclusion Whilst each volume is eminently readable her conclusions leave the reader wondering? Is that it then? What about the other prominent characters?

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    always amazing reads

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Paradise Park Potter's S

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Ce scarcely than a bawdy house it has now changed hands and Rhiannon starts working there helping gradually to transform it from a place of ill repute into one of the finest hotels in Swansea The only thing lacking in her life is love and with Bull Beynon married to sweet gentle Katie she fears that she may have to live out her life alone Paradise Park is the triumphant finale to Iris Gower's Firebird seuence set amongst the romantic clay potteries of South Wal.

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Rhiannon proud and spirited is alone in the world after Bull Beynon her one time lover marries someone else She gains a respectable post as housekeeper to an elderly man but when he dies his waspish sister throws her out onto the streets where she faces destitution At the entrance to the notorious Paradise Park Hotel she encounters Sal a young street girl whom she tries to rescueHer attempt ends in failure and Sal returns to her old life on the streets leaving. Identity Politics Inside Out young street girl whom she tries to rescueHer attempt ends in failure and Sal returns to her old life on the streets leaving.

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Rhiannon is even determined to become respectable She obtains a job as maid to unhappy Janey Buchan who takes a liking to Rhiannon and teaches her ladylike ways Her rascally husband Dafydd once the lover of Llinos Mainwaring causes Janey great unhappiness and eventually she runs away leaving Rhiannon once without a job or a homeIn desperation knowing that little stands between her and a return to her old life she finds herself back at the Paradise Park Hotel On.