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  • Paperback
  • 376
  • A Family for Daniel
  • Anna DeStefano
  • English
  • 23 May 2017
  • 9780373365654

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A Family for Daniel

Anna DeStefano ¹ 8 review

Le's kids he can't get through to DanielMeanwhile Daniel's classmate Becky isn't having a great time either Her mother Amy Loar left a troubled marriage and is now fighting to rebuild her career in Atlanta while Becky st. Josh White and Amy Loar were close as kids in Sweetbrook but went their separate ways in high school Now both are sort of back Josh as the elementary school principal after a divorce and Amy's brought her daughter Becky back to stay with her mother after a painful divorce in Atlanta Josh's nephew Daniel is now in his custody but both Becky and Daniel are struggling Together the four come together to help each other and form a familyPretty realistic clean with a happy ending

summary ë eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¹ Anna DeStefano

Ten year old Daniel has had a rough year His mother's unexpected death has landed him in the custody of his uncle elementary school principal Joshua White And though Josh is a pro when it comes to dealing with other peop. So this book is a romance book I don’t typically read romance books and despite how clean this book is I could do without the romance It doesn’t seem necessary I also don’t need descriptions of romance I know that some people really love things like 'I love you too' she said still scared but believing a little bit by the second Her breath mingled with his for another kiss 'I really do' For me the book would have been better without the romance I enjoyed reading about how things were working with social workers and school systems At times things were highly unrealistic and the happy ending is also highly unrealistic but at the same time it was much better done than the social services are typically portrayed in popular media I do think that the author would have been better off leaving the romance behind and diving further into the relationships and challenges between the children and the adults Although the romance was fine it seems like it actually would have been a terrible time to start a romance Josh White has his nephew who is just adjusting to living with him the addition of another adult in his life so soon following the current change as shown may cause an initial positive reaction the likelihood is that there will be acting out in the future Either way I could debate the portrayal of social services and children’s reactions to abuse for uite some time and to be fair to the book it didn’t do a bad job and did a better job than many books Overall it was a uick read that was mainly fluff

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Ays with her grandmother in SweetbrookAs they try to help Becky and Daniel Amy and Josh find themselves thrown together and forming an unexpected bond Could coming together as a family be just what all of them need to he. Joshua White finds himself trying to raise his nephew Daniel He just can not seem to get through to him Daniel's classmate Becky is also having a bad year Becky's mom Amy left a troubled marriage and is trying to get her life back on track Josh and Amy were than friends when they were teenagers Can these two come together and create a happy family

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