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The Ancient Maya of Mexico

FREE READ The Ancient Maya of Mexico

The archaeological sites of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula are among the most visited ancient cities of the Americas Archaeologists have recently made great advances in our understanding of the social and political milieu of the northern Maya lowlands However such advances have been under represent


The volume explores how new archaeological data has transformed our understanding of Maya history 'The Ancient Maya of Mexico' will be invaluable to students and scholars of archaeology and anthropology and all those interested in the society rituals and economic organisation of the Maya regio

Geoffrey E. Braswell ñ 1 CHARACTERS

Ed in both scholarly and popular literature until now 'The Ancient Maya of Mexico' presents the results of new and important archaeological epigraphic and art historical research in the Mexican states of Yucatan Campeche and uintana Roo Ranging across the Middle Preclassic to the Modern periods