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Played by as few as 1 man and 1 womanOrphaned unwanted children seeking a hope of home any home anywhere There's Mary Evie spunky Pegeen Annie and Little Lucy a uiet one There's Frank who later becomes Frankie a small girl Raymond Lucky and Danny the song and dance boy And there are the men and women hoping for children The lonesome whistle wails as the t. I acted out this play as my first acting role in high school I played the part of FrankFrankie the boy who turns out to be a girl and had no idea how impactful the experience would be for me years later Long story short I'm now a New York City resident providing counseling to youth in foster care My life's aspirations are to make it easier for these deserving children to find and keep the loving homes that want them and to become a foster and adoptive parent myself

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Play script by Aurand Harris A highly theatrical story moving amusing and always tellingly human of nine orphans on an Orphan Train that left New York City on May 28 1914 and traveled to midwestern towns in search of homes for the children Open stage period costumes of the day Written for 3 boys and 6 girls one dressed as a boy 7 men and 8 women who may be. This could have been a great book For the most part I enjoyed the part that takes place in the past but did not like the modern storyline so much The author clearly was pushing a political agenda and the foster mother in the modern storyline was a caricature of what the author thinks a right wing Christian is like The author is clearly anti Christian as all of the characters in the book that are Christians are the bad guys I wouldn't mind so much if the author knew anything about the Christian religion but by some of the references the author is pretty much clueless about it For example In the flashback story the author describes a Catholic character as a Bible Thumper that's not the word she used but it was something like that This character was a Catholic in the 1920's Catholics especially at that point in history were not all that Biblical that is a Protestant thing Another example is a story where the old lady gets a necklace from her grandmother before she left Ireland She says her grandmother got it when she was 13 for her First communion Catholics make their First communion at the age of 7 or 8 The author must have confused the Catholic Church for the Church of Ireland Which is Anglican which does have First communion and Reconciliation and Confirmation at the age of 13 Just lazy researching on the authors part

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Rain chugs between encounters of anxiety laughter wistfulness rejection and acceptance Eight stories unfold each a memorable surprise Premiered at Northwestern University in Evanston and acclaimed throughout Chicago THE ORPHAN TRAIN is a charming heart warmer all we expect from Aurand Harris the great playwright of and for children in the twentieth century. an excellent book

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