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T for the Mossad who discovers Frachetti's scheme to murder the old Rabbi During the course of monitoring of Vatican encrypted communicationsi David Levy also discovers that Jacob Levy is his paternal Grandfather David Levy was told by his deceased parents that his paternal Grandparents died during the Holocaust Cardinal Frachetti forms an alliance with Muslim extremists resulting in the hiring of a professional assassin to carry out the murder David Levy knows that the time is short as he journeys to America to save the last member of his Father's Fami.

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Rabbi Jacob Levy is a Widower who lives by himself on the shores of Eagle Mountain Lake in Fort Worth Texas Jacob Levy unknowlingly has become the target of a rogue Cardinal inside the Vatican Levy has an ancient document in his possession that has been passed down from generation to generation This document comes from the time of King David and is a record of a land transaction between Avranah the Jebusite and the monarchy of IsraelCardinal Emilio Frachetti has a controversial peace plan that outlines his plans for the recognition of Muhammad as the la.

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St Prophet of God Frachetti also wants to include the uran as the last Testament in the Bible Frachetti however has another agenda in his plan He wants the Muslim world to guarantee oil and gas to the European Union for one hundred years at a stable priceFrachetti becomes furious when he finds out that an obscure American Rabbi has the document that will forever destroy Islam's claims to the Temple MountFrachetti a former member of Mussolini's Secret Police decides to have Rabbi Levy assassinated and the ancient document destroyedDavid Levy is an analys.

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