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Three French Hens

Summary Three French Hens

Ed lord Her fate changes when a new guest Lady Joan arrives at the castle Desperate to escape her arranged marriage to Royce of Thurleah Joan suggests that look alike Brinna take her place at the Christma. A short cute romance It's than a little improbable and the joke the title is based on is an awkward stretch Still it's got some funny moments and some sweet ones

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S festivities Suddenly Brinna finds herself being wooed by a true gentleman getting perhaps the best Christmas present of all a new life A classic novella from New York Times bestselling author Lynsay San. Brinna is a scullery maid who gets a chance to be a ladies maid but finds that the woman she's waiting on looks exactly like her Lady Joan is visiting so she can meet the man she's betrothed to Lord Royce who desperately needs the dowry Lady Joan is providing Only she's not interested So she gets Brinna to pose as her and spend the week with Royce So what does Brinna do when she falls in love with Royce but she knows she's deceiving him This was really cute I suspend a lot of disbelief in novellas and accept that things happen uickly These two fell in love in about a week but at least half the week they weren't really interacting Nevertheless Brinna's experiences as a Lady were fairly amusingespecially when she gets herself into trouble because then her peasant dialect comes out It was a predictable story but a good one

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Previously published in the print anthologies Five Gold Rings and A Historical Christmas PresentBrinna a twelfth century scullery maid gets the chance to play a lady and win the true love of an impoverish. A spoiled rich girl Joan trades places with a look a like servant girl to get out of an arranged marriage her father planned During the switch Brinna the maid falls in love with Royce the fiance and vice versa Joan runs off to marry someone else and the two are left confused and a family secret comes to life Good read

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