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Death's Angel

characters Death's Angel

His golden eyes on Sophie Bryce the maid of honor He is certain she is his destined mate and will do anything to make her his But Sophie is unaware of her archess identity and is haunted by unspeakable demons of her ownWhen supernatural forces emerge from the shadows threatening Sophie Azrael is the only one who can protect her But to do it he must reveal his true savage se I love these books Totally for my naughty side and damn they are addicting Love it even though it's cheesy and lovey and all too sexy 18 and it's my sexy Angel addiction

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Since the beginning of time the archangels have longed to know true love When four female angels were created for the four archangels Michael Gabriel Uriel and Azrael a chaos spurred by jealousy erupted and the archesses were secreted away to Earth The four favored archangels followed prompting a search that has lasted millenniaAs the Angel of Death Azrael could never be lik Ok truth be told I could not finish this book I got to about the half way point and called it uits The beginning was great Was all about the main characters Az and Sophie Then the plots just keep adding up The Adarians the Nightmares Micheal and then surprise another onedragons Too much going on when I really just wanted to read about what the book was supposed to be about Az and Sophie

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E his brothers While the others fell to Earth in human form Azrael descended as a vampire Today as the lead singer of a popular rock band he keeps his true nature hidden a powerful darkness constantly at odds with his angelic self Beneath his mask Azrael holds onto the hope that he will one day find the archess who will complete himAt his brother Gabriel's wedding Azrael set I've made a habit of reading books primarily part of series trying but not always start from the beginning This book is the third in this particular series I was hoping for another Firestarter The kind of story that grabs me and makes me read the whole series But not this time The story's plot wasn't the problem The writing was too crammed with excessive junk More of an effort was put in describing scenes places and characters than actually telling the story I had a hard time trying to separate the plot from the thesaurus crammed in its placeNormally once I start a book its hard for me to put it down; that was not the case this time I was determined to finish but Boy was it a struggle This book was too too much