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    Not enough romance This author usually writes heroines too modern for my taste UU

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    Now this is like it Exactly what I wanted after a slightly lacklustre start to this Santina Crown SeriesKate Hewitt is rapidly becoming one of my favourite ModernPresents authors; her books are so rich with genuine emotion and very compelling stories that push the boundaries That is certainly the case hereThe heroine of this story is a brilliant character; she has a real and honest vulnerability that is used perfectly in showing her character Her personality because of and as a result of this vulnerability is believable and she is relatable as a character as well has having the important loftiness that is needed with a royalty characterThe hero and heroine work beautifully together and I really felt that they were both able to grow as characters throughout the course of the story alongside their growing feelings for one anotherThis is a very touching and beautiful love story with a wonderful sad but hopeful mood Loved itOriginally posted at

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    Why is there some sultry dark haired woman on my front cover and not the blond short haired elf described? It totally bugs me when covers don't match the descriptions in fact I miss the old vintage type art covers in general Certainly with the British books we have to enjoy stock photos of random people or even shock horror a building who don't resemble anyone in the story and it vexes me terriblyview spoilerAnother day another spoilt princess dwama but this one really likes to feel sorry for herself despite all the money and globe trotting She had pretty rubbish Royal parents as apparently they ignore the fact she has severe dyslexia so she just goes out and parties and gets her name in the tabloids to avoid having to deal with it Okaaay Our H does some random businessy financial advice thing after failing at being a professional footballer like daddy he damages his knee He hates the press as they seem to have hounded his life so far so he really isn't a fan he also sets up camps and teaches football to kids when not running his empire and he or less forces the h into volunteering with him Of course they are attracted to each other but neither can admit it although the h does admit to bedding several men I think this is only the second time I've heard this admitted in the whole of HPlandia by a h He does a great declaration at the end but I'm not convinced she deserved it She seemed uite happy to let her parents walk all over her and be mean to her twin sister and just party She's basically spoiled and shallow despite the dyslexia hide spoiler

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    3 12 stars An enjoyable character driven romance Princess Natalia and Ben Jackson both have painful issues with living in the limelight but they've reacted in very different ways Ben is carefully private while Natalia puts on a constant scandalous public act so that no one can ever see the real her When they become attracted to each other she discovers how hard it is to give up that public persona and just be real Hewitt does a nice job of writing a battle of wits story which doesn't become a tiresome bickerfest Both characters put up a fight against their feelings and both have to find the strength to expose their vulnerabilitiesThis is one in a continuity series so there's a lot of extraneous stuff about all the brothers and sisters who have had or are getting their own books I also didn't like Natalia's thinking that she could never support herself because of her disability severe dyslexia a statement that is never challenged And the story's end which is supposed to be very romantic just had me laughing the characters are having a long very intimate conversation while he's piloting a small aircraft with no mention of noise headsets or any of the actions he would need to be taking My husband a small aircraft pilot asked if someone also rolled down a window The lack of any supporting detail took me right out of the story But the characters and their conflict are believable and interesting so I'd recommend this

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    KH throws together 2 incompatible characters a lot of sizzling attraction some past experiences a not so shameful secret and you have an entertaining readDarling of the media favorite of paparazzi princess Natalia has cemented her reputation as a wild child She has an embarrassing secret she has sever dyslexia and being fodder for the tabloids is just her way to keep it under coverOn the other hand Ben Jackson hates the media with a vengeance He has first hand experience how the tabloids can create havoc in one' s life His father' scandals his mother's heartbreak have been splashed all over the tabloids all his lifeWhen Natalia Ben meet at her brother' engagement party sparks fly She is rude He challenges her to volunteer for a month for his charity a football camp for disadvantage kids the bet is on During this month Ben discovers the real person hiding behind the wild princess facade Natalia Ben are complex multidimensional characters They fight hard their attraction but in the end love gets the better of them HEA guaranteed

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    Breaking News Pampered Princess Tamed? Think notNatalia’s notoriety is fodder for the tabloids who love a good scandal and she is than happy to provide the gossip and rumors with her many antics Having lived through a Scandal growing up Ben abhors any kind off scandal and tries to keep himself out of the pressa perfect pair you wont find – a match made in romance heavenPrincess Natalia reputation precedes her so when she meets Ben Johnson at her brother’s engagement party sparks fly and the gloves come off these two can sure turn dishing dirt on each other into an artformWhen Natalia is forced to volunteer at Ben’s Charity she is livid but never one to turn down a challenge she take it in her stride and marches on Ben and Natalia hate each other’s guts but can’t ignore the simmering attraction between them either As Ben spends time with Natalia and gets to know the woman behind the façade he realizes her attention grabbing persona is really a front to her hidden insecurities Ben is exactly what Natalia wants and needs; uestion is “Is Ben ready to fight for her?”Santina's Scandalous Princess is a well written entertaining read; you will love Natalia and all snarky comebacksthis book is a great addition to the Santina Crown series My Blog HarleuinJunkie Romance Reviews

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    Princess Natalia has been the humiliating target of the press in the past but now she controls the media she gets seeking out the attention so nobody can see the person she is underneath is tall Ben Jackson has done just the opposite determined to keep his life out of the press completely He and Natalia clash at a party sparking an attraction but also something of a rivalry She makes a bet and pays the price for losing by volunteering for Ben's soccer camp But Ben gets than he bargained for as he pretty soon realizes that having Natalia so close is not good for his sanity nor his control not to mention keeping his life out of the press Natalia realizes she's gotten herself into some trouble when Ben starts to see underneath her icy yet fragile shell and starts to see what's real and what's an act This is my favorite of the series thus far Ben and Natalia have a repartee that while not exactly humorous definitely creates a rivalry that is loaded with simmering tensionpassion underneath And I like that for once the hero and heroine are on pretty even ground and neither really gets the best of the other I also liked that both of them felt remorse when they took their jibes too far and actually hurt the other Their romantic relationship was pretty good but neither of them had their head in the game It seems that throughout the story they just keep going against their own interest and furthering their relationship whether they wanted to or not Ben would ask Natalia out to dinner and he'd wonder why the hell he did that And then she'd accept and she'd wonder why the hell she'd done it Once they finally got past all the surface stuff and started to see each other for who they were this was a great relationship still had kinks to work out but Ben's fall was pretty awesome and Natalia's reaction was downright heartbreaking This was a strong and enjoyable showing

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    Amazing storyAmazing love story wow The strength of Princess Nataliya amidst her disability was simply faboulous Santina Royal Family Is interesting

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    Kate Hewitt continues the fabulous continuity about the scandalous Santina and Jackson families with a riveting tale of shameful secrets heart breaking lies and forbidden passion Santina’s Scandalous PrincessPrincess Natalia Santina’s life seems like one long whirl of designer dresses hedonistic parties and casual flings However the sassy socialite and paparazzi favourite has got an embarrassing secret she has never dared reveal to anyone she has got severe reading and writing problems Natalia has spent her entire life trying her hardest to keep her secret hidden however when her father volunteers her services to Ben Jackson’s football charity for disadvantaged children Natalia wonders whether she can continue to keep her debilitating reading problems under wraps – and whether she can keep herself from kissing the gorgeous billionaireBen Jackson has spent his life avoiding the harsh glare of the media spotlight Ben has first hand experience of how heartbreaking and soul destroying fame can be and he’s not willing to share a single detail of his life with avaricious tabloid journalists or unscrupulous paparazzi Ben tries his utmost to avoid the press which is why he wonders whether fame hungry Princess Natalia will prove of a hindrance than a help at his latest charity venture Ben knows that he should have refused Natalia’s services however the devastatingly attractive billionaire just cannot stop thinking about the pretty socialite – nor can he stop himself from wanting to kiss herBen finds himself intrigued by Natalia Although she pretends to be an empty headed airhead who cares only about getting her picture in the paper Ben soon realizes that there’s to the beautiful princess than meets the eye With her compassionate nature kind heart and benevolent spirit Natalia manages to get under his skin and breach the emotional barriers which Ben had built around his heartThrown together by circumstance and united by a passion that simply cannot be denied Ben and Natalia find themselves falling head over heels in love with one another But will these polar opposites ever consider a future together? Or will these two damaged souls continue to let past wounds and old regrets compromise their happiness?Kate Hewitt blends emotional intensity dramatic pathos and heart pounding romance into an absorbing and mesmerizing tale that will keep readers turning the pages late into the night A superb story of second chances laying the past to rest and the ties that bind Santina’s Scandalous Princess is a powerful poignant and captivating novel with a wonderful heroine to cheer for a gorgeous Alpha hero heart wrenching conflict red hot sensuality and tender romanceBeautifully rendered hugely enjoyable and written straight from the heart Santina’s Scandalous Princess is the latest must read Harleuin Presents novel from USA Today best selling author Kate Hewitt

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    THE SCANDALOUS PRINCESS by author Kate Hewitt is from the miniseries of THE SANTINA CROWN Princess Natalia Santina is always on the tabloids with her notorious exploits She hadn’t done a days’ work in her life Meeting business tycoon Ben Johnson when sparks flew and she is very rude and sarcastic toward him he challenges her to work as a volunteer for his charity She resisted but he overcame her resistance and she had to work for a month But where Natalia goes media follows and Ben shuns media with a passion Could this work between them? Then Ben discovers the real person behind the Princess façade And he starts to fall for that woman But can he separate the princess from the woman? Dare she tell Ben the secrets which she’s kept hidden for so long? Natalia can’t decide if Ben is ready to fight for her or not Will she go with her parents’ decision to marry for political alliance? Or will Ben come through for her? THE SCANDALOUS PRINCESS has intrigue mystery and romance Author wrote a gorgeous and sensitive hero in Ben who challenges Natalia’s emotions and priorities Natalia is a strong heroine who triumphs against all the odds Author Kate Hewitt’s characters are amazing in their complexities their interaction and their growing love for each otherMy rating 45 out of 5 stars

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