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You thought you could leave the past behindThink againDonnie Miller counts himself lucky Living in a beautiful spacious house in the wild and remote landscape of central Canada he spends his days writing for the local newspaper working on a film script and acting as house husband After a troubled and impoverished upbringing in. This thriller starts out well enough with Donnie recounting the horrible events that made him the wreck he is at the beginning of the book Since this means he survived whatever happened the only uestion is what happened and why Scene wintry Saskatchewan a happy family of three living a life of leisure Donnie the house husband has a deep dark secret from his past in Scotland which is revealed in flashbacks though it's obvious what the secret is from the very first hints Now I don't consider what I'm about to say a spoiler I wish I had known this stuff before I started reading but just in case if you want to read the book with no preconception maybe stop now There is lots of foreboding so it comes as no surprise when the family dog is found eviscerated So far so good but then the bodies start piling up and all tension goes out the window It's a very simple revenge story with a ludicrous horror movie villain The last third of the book consists of elaborate torture scenes and no I am not bloody faint of heart nor did I find it shocking It was tedious and silly and since the characters were so poorly drawn I didn't give a damn about them getting hacked up and shotI'm sure this book has an audience and if you enjoy the whole superhuman killer flaying innocents thing this will be right up your alley Me I went in expecting something interesting and less predictable and was thus disappointed

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Covery Is it wolves as the police suspect or something far dangerous far darker What secrets has Donnie been keeping And why does he have the terrible sense that his dream was never going to lastA taut shocking and visceral novel that will leave you gasping for breath Cold Hands is the first thriller by the remarkable John Nive. I've enjoyed John Niven's other novels and thrillers are a dirty little joy of mine How would someone who basks in dark humor and vulgarity handle this genre The answer surprisingly well The narrator sets about retelling his grisly past via frame story with occasional flashbacks to his childhood explaining his dark past You don't spend the entire book wondering who the killer is but that's not what this is about anyway This is a tale of survival endurance and what it means to live through the unspeakable Niven is a visceral haunting writer and I hope to read from him soon

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Scotland he now has all he wants a caring wife a bright and happy son a generous father in law As the brutal northern winter begins to bite he can sit back and enjoy lifeBut his peace is soon broken There are noises in the nearby woods signs of some mysterious watcher When the family dog disappears Donnie makes a horrifying dis. I've read all but one of John Niven's novels which are pretty diverse in subject and sometimes hard hitting but until now I'd avoided this his first foray into crime thriller writing under the moniker John J Niven The blurb sold the book as a page turner and in general this is what I foundTold from the point of view of Donald Miller a Scottish journalist working for a Canadian provincial newspaper of which his wife is the editor we are introduced to a character who seemingly has it all in life Interspersed with the now we find out pretty early on that things back home in Scotland weren't so straightforward for him life changing events during his early teenage years eventually becoming apparent And now his past is about to catch up with himAs mentioned this was a perfectly enjoyable page turner that I finished in no time whose story didn't have me shaking my head in disbelief too many times but was still a little far fetched in places It played out or less how I expected it to and while I'll not necessarily be rushing out to buy any further crime novels from the author on release in future I'll certainly give them a rattle when they come out in paperback

  • Paperback
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  • Cold Hands
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  • 01 May 2017
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Born in Irvine Ayrshire Niven read English Literature at Glasgow University graduating in 1991 with First Class honours For the next ten years he worked for a variety of record companies including London Records and Independiente He left the music industry to write full time in 2002 and published his debut novella Music from Big Pink in 2005 Continuum Press The novella was optioned for t

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