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Blue Water Empire

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Sh mastery of the seaways and surrounding shores symbolized by the possession of fortress colonies attracted enemies and rivals but became part of the enduring fabric of many Mediterranean societiesRobert Holland's sweeping new book tells the story of an extraordinary experience combining the military imposition of British rule with a constant enthusiasm for Mediterranean life enduring today and which has left many legacies in administration culture language law and architecture From Nelson's great victories against.

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Robert Holland traces the remarkable experience of British mastery in the Mediterranean from the Battle of the Nile to El Alamein and the end of empire exploring the uniue and often explosive relationships that shaped the region's modern historyFor nearly two hundred years the Mediterranean lay at the heart of British power overseas what Winston Churchill called 'Britain's first battlefield' Here many thousands of Britons spent their lives their graves now scattered from Gibraltar to Corfu from Malta to Cyprus Briti.

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The French to El Alamein and the Malta convoys of the Second World War the Mediterranean shaped Britain's own fate as much as Britain shaped the future of the Mediterranean Blue Water Empire evokes the conflicts and freuent disillusionment between the British and local societies caught up in often dramatic events but also their mutual intimacy hopefulness and resilience under pressure Above all it charts the British experience of the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean experience of the British in the age of empire.

About the Author: Robert Holland

Robert Holland is one of the world’s leading historians of the Mediterranean He is visiting professor at the Centre for Hellenic Studies at King’s College Londonaka RF Holland

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    An interesting read but I found it rather too narrative in structure I'd been hoping I think for on the roots and branches of British power in the Mediterranean Still it's useful to have a single volume survey of a world that has gone and is almost forgotten

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