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L or sentimental Yet when he crawls from the destroyed spacecraft his first instinct is compassionate he drags Villam's unconscious body free of the wreckage Stranded together on a wild planet Villam and Luke know that survival means cooperation A truce becomes trust and trust turns to passion as they struggle to find a new life together just the two of them against an entire wor. Reviewed on Hearts on Fire Villam Elding is totally devoted to the Imperial Empress He's following the rules and uickly climbing the chain of command Ittuluke is a monk totally devoted to the harsh goddess Akuna Taught that emotions are frivolous he will take the occasional side job to send money back to his native desert world of Siglidunn When these two very different and idealistic men come head to head on a kidnapping mission gone wrong and being deserted on an empty planet they can either kill each other or fall in love I enjoyed this debut novel and the huge disparity between these two powerful men so lost and alone together Villam has never known anything but the military and never really took the time to get into a serious relationship Luke has always relied on himself and lived under the repressive laws learned in the monastery that crippled him emotionally I found the slow build up of first trust then friendship and finally love to be wonderfully penned The story never lagged or got confusing and the sub plot of Kardiell's ferreting out just who had Villam eliminated wound perfectly around the main story taking place on the planet The only real problem that I found with this story was the total lack of passion in the sex scenes even after Luke and Villam gave everything up for each other This may have been intentional on Ms Jaydon's part or she may just need to polish up her sex scenes This is an author to watch for in the future as she matures as a writer I suggest that any fan of sci fi pick this book up and get lost in the universe

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It's lonely at the top for Commander Villam Elding who has always ranked loyalty to the empire and career ambition over romance He finds it easier to love ideas than people; without military life he's lost Even so it's his close relationship with Kardiell a popular officer that tears him from his life Those with competing ambitions try to take Villam hostage to leverage Kardiell'. 45 stars Really absorbing ScifiAdventure Romance of the MM variety The story is about Villam a newly promoted Commander in the Imperial Forces Villam is strong idealistic and very loyal to his Imperial rulers He has lived the military lifestyle since childhood and his whole sense of self stems from his training and his responsibilities Unbeknownst to Villam he has an enemy who is envious of his advancement and is plotting to bring him and his superior officer downLuke has been brought up by a rebel order of monks who live an ascetic repressed existence They are a small group making money through terrorist acts to support the people of their home planet Siglidunn which has been abandoned by the Empire Luke is hired to kidnap Villam while he is on a transport shuttle but the plans go awry and they end up crashing on an uninhabited planet with no other survivors and no chance of rescue Facing the incredible dangers and beauty of this new planet forces the two very different men to get to know each other and bonds of friendship and attraction grow The author has created an excellent balance between the Scifi and the Romance elements of the story Each aspect is beautifully explored Villam and Luke really grow and develop as characters There's plenty of UST and resistance especially on Luke's part as the intimacy between them breaks every rule he formerly believed The story is an exciting adventure with crashing space ships survival on hostile planets infiltration of enemy bases and uncovering enemy plots There's also a side plot where Villam's colleagues and friends believing him dead seek to uncover and destroy the traitor who set the events in motion There are plenty of other things I loved about the story and which add to its depth eg the lovely names of the ships The Future of Alom and The Song of Terratsu and also Villam's adorable habit of drifting off into philosophical and theosophical ponderingsThere is not a lot of negative Just in the initial 10% there are a lot of military characters introduced who were referred to by their first names last names or rank and it took me a while to catch on Plus the short flashbacks of Luke's should have been in italics to differentiate them from the present time It's hard to think of negatives because I'm still in a sort of 'post coital' book glow after finishingHighly recommended for fanciers of mm Scifi Romance

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S soft spot for him In the struggle Villam crashes the small spacecraft he's riding All hands perish except he and Luke his kidnapperLuke Sicinik travels the galaxy performing dirty missions for money to send home Born on a desert colony abandoned by the empire he has no love for imperial soldiers He spent his childhood in a monastery which taught the evils of anything impractica. This book is a very nice surprise More about two men from very different backgrounds surviving the wilderness learning to trust each other and falling in love than anything else Very Robinson Crusoe like with a war going on in the background45 stars rounding up to 5

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