SUMMARY Age of Auarius 107

Age of Auarius

William Barton ✓ 7 SUMMARY

Imagine you're a little boy living a life straight out of Leave It to Beaver back in October 1962 That would be a good description of a boy named Alan Burke usually called Burke the Jerk by his friends Alan likes to play in.

SUMMARY Age of Auarius

St or whether he'll grow up like most men in early 1960s America grow up to sell cars or maybe life insurance But it's October 1962 and in Alan Burke's version of that familiar old world things are about to go horribly wron.

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The woods and hang out with those friends drink Cokes at the drugstore and read paperback fantasy novels Sometimes young Alan wonders what life will be like when he grows up wonders if he'll manage to become a paleontologi.

About the Author: William Barton

William Renald Barton III born September 28 1950 is an American science fiction writer In addition to his standalone novels he is also known for collaborations with Michael Capobianco Many of their novels deal with themes such as the Cold War space travel and space operaBarton also has written short stories that put an emphasis on sexuality and human morality in otherwise traditional scie

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    This short story takes everything that scared the hell out of me as a child and makes it come to glorious technicolor life Nuclear war Dead parents Fending for yourself as a child growing up after the bombs fell and all that entails It's just one nail chewing scenario after another This is Barton at his most typical and relentless self but without the science fiction trappings or fixation on weird alien sex I enjoyed the hell out of it Barton takes you from the Shire all the way to Mordor and back again Maybe you cry a little on the way as the main character learns to fend for himself maybe you don't I know I did

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