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Awaii Filled with Theroux's typically exuisite yet devastating descriptions of people and places The Stranger at the Palazzo D'Oro evokes the complexities of matters of the heart with subtlety and grace People. My opinionThe book is actually made of some short stories that make you go deeper and deeper into some kind of dance with the same theme but different charactersI will not talk about the characters because I would not have something really intriguing to say about them but I will let some words to speak for themselves about this bookIs one of those books that you read because you leave on the road and you cannot get yourself out of the book because even though you realise that every single neuron is screaming to let them loose the book is also one of those books that are being “made” in that way so you can ask for My first advice is that you should NOT read this book if sexual themes are not in your planMister Theroux describes this book the same theme men that are feeling the need to overcome their own problems with the help of women Sex is feeling like is in its own home and some “turn on” situations are represented by simple gestures swallowing or simply moving your neck As a predator I mean me I felt like I was violating any gesture of getting included in society of these women I felt powerful and yet submissiveFeelings are deeper than this but I am being put in this stubborn situation of not being able to express them and not because of the tiredness but because I feel like I would say too much Is one of those books that do not let you say too much because it might be followed by a fall of spoilers for everyoneWomen in this one are that objects that are willing and sacrificing for it but in a way the situation escapes from the hands of the author when the women are the ones who become the ones who can control the predator As I was saying the book is a really “turn on” at least for me it was but in the same time it might let you with a bitter taste that won’t go not even with a spun full of honeyI recommend this book for all those of you who do not suffer from heart diseases for those who can keep their temper easily and for those who do not get disgusted just because and the most important thing is that I do recommend this book for those over 18

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Ll and risk of pursuit and conuest mark the accompanying stories which tell of the sexual awakening and rites of passage of a Boston boyhood the ruin of a writer in Africa and the bewitchment of a retiree in H. This book veers between two themes a stories that are reflections on sexual exploits and desires of people who reach the magical age of sixty and b stories that highlight the dark secrets that accrue in the coming of age of a boy Andy It seemed to me that Theroux ran out of the number of pages reuired to fully exploit either of these themes and cobbled the stories together sandwiching Andy's stories between the 60 year olds' memories That said Theroux's sense of place is vivid be it Italy in the '60's or Vegas or South Africa definitely a plus for a writer who has invested a lot of his life in travelling the worldA couple of the longer stories particularly the title story and Scouting for Boys could have been shorter His male 60 year olds seem to have a chronic obsessive vulnerability for sex with 20 somethings often with dire conseuences And his teens have a longing for sex that they do not know much aboutwait till they reach sixty The stories took some time to get into but then gripped and clipped at a good pace even though I felt the flow of language was a bit choppy perhaps some tighter editing may have helpedA good introduction to Theroux

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From the best selling author of Dark Star Safari and Hotel Honolulu Paul Theroux's latest offers provocative tales of memory and desire The sensual story of an unusual love affair leads the collection The thri. At least partially written while Theroux was in Africa travelling for his Dark Star Safari Overland from Cairo to Cape Town it only seems reasonable to read it concurrently This book is made up of four short stories all loosely themed around eroticism lust and the complex or simple maybe sexual relationships of people Three feature characters in their 60s the other a boy 'coming of age'The title story first in the line up deals with the loss of youth It is correctly a novella and is considerably longer than the other stories Set in Sicily in the 1960's it tells the tale of a young man and his love affair with an older woman Narrated by an elderly man telling the story of his youth as a young American art student travelling the world He meets a sophisticated older woman at a hotel pool she is a countess travelling with her doctor companionThe second story is titled Boyhood Secrets and is four short stories from slightly different periods in the life of a central character Andy They are all themed around coming of age sexual discovery and growing up Think Stand By Me for the era and the setting we that's what it felt like to meNext up is An African Story probably the weakest of the stories for me This story talked about an African novelist also a white Farmer outlining the plots of a number of his books then finally telling the story of the author where he upsets his marriage to manage an affair with a much younger black school teacher The results aren't really as he expectsThe final story is of a wealthy retired judge in Hawaii who falls in lust with his cleaning ladies a mother and daughter duo pursuing them to Vegas on their twice yearly gambling holidayThe stories are all provocative erotically charged in places and have some good character depth Enjoyable as light reading Somewhere between three and four stars I think three leaving space for some of his many other books I own but have not read to improve on this

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