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Metimes act like werewolves who can’t control our base desires Or zombies 90 percent shambling death and 10 percent life Yet through it all we are longing to become fully human the way Christ intended we just can’t seem to figure out how Night of the Living Dead Christian is. So I’ve foun

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What does a transformed life actually look like In his follow up to the critically acclaimed Imaginary Jesus Matt Mikalatos tackles this uestion in an entertaining and thought provoking way with monsters As Christians we claim to experience Christ’s resurrection power but we so. Spoiler AlertO Daughters of the Lake resurrection power but we so. Spoiler AlertO

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The story of Luther a werewolf on the run desperate to find someone who can help him conuer his inner beast before it’s too late By turns hilarious and heartbreaking this spiritual allegory boldly explores the monstrous underpinnings of our nature and our uest for Christlikenes. Matt Mikalatos Course of Action: Out of Harm's Way\Any Time, Any Place run desperate to find someone who can help him conuer his inner beast before it’s too late By turns hilarious and heartbreaking this spiritual allegory boldly explores the monstrous underpinnings of our nature and our uest for Christlikenes. Matt Mikalatos

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    Every good monster movie enthusiast knows that the Christian life is anathema to the undead at least traditionally Okay at least for vampires In the wake of his stellar breakout book Imaginary Jesus Matt Mikalatos decides to take the presence of the undead among us at face value Christians claim to be the resurrected dead but what if we've been raised only to a half life? That sort of Christianity may be exactly what James described What good is it my brothers and sisters if you say you have faith but do not have works? Can faith save you? Faith by itself if it has no works is dead 214 17 NRS Those who follow Jesus want a living vibrant exciting faith So why does Christianity seem to foster so many undead half living monsters?Night of the Living Dead Christian takes the metaphor at face value and dives in head first bring on the Zombies Well not just zombies In Night of the Living Dead Christian Matt teams up with a mad scientist an android a vampire and a whole Church full of zombies to help his neighbor Luther Ann Martin find a cure for his lycanthropy which for you laypersons means that Luther is a werewolf As in Imaginary Jesus Matt's non seuitur real life meets the fantastic humor keeps you laughing and rolling your eyes And he handles the metaphor so deftly his point is always clear just below the surface ready to engage you in some serious self reflectionLuther the Werewolf is any of those people who feel that they have a beast living inside them that they can't uite control Those of us who can relate to Luther when he says There are many nights when I crave that sudden infusion of air that falling away of the higher functions and the sharpness that comes with listening to my instincts with doing what my body tells me to do Luther's wrestling with his base nature is truly the core of the book His voice freuently interrupts the narrative with deep theological musings on the nature of fallen humans crying for redemption That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other monsters The Zombies are those of us who find it easier to follow an intelligent charismatic leader to let his spirituality be ours Those of us who have found it easier to surrender our brains than to engage our own faithThe Vampires? The selfish those who take and take and take from others who can't stand even a moment of self reflection who never give backAs Matt's team works to help Luther escape the beast within Matt comes face to face with his own monstrous nature he's a mad scientist As the vampire tells him You think you’re smarter than other people You have your little knot of henchmen You’re trying to fix the world around you whatever the cost never thinking of the damage you’re doing” Ouch that one hit a little closer to home than I like to admitMonsters have always been a safe way for humanity to explore our inner demons In Night of the Living Dead Christian Matt uses them as a mirror for our Christianity and asks how we can be truly fully transformed The old stories really are true the Christian life – the full true life lived in the freedom Jesus offers – is still anathema to the undead in all of us A simple concept but not easy The how of transformation refuses all formulas and systems As fun and witty as NotLDC is it's not a book of neat and tidy answers Matt allows the messiness of reality to ruin his story so the resolution is at once less than we want and honest NotLDC refuses to offer us cop outs The deus ex machina at the end of the story truly is the only ending any of us can honestly hope for So while Matt doesn’t give us easy answers that only work in books and never in real life he does point the way towards true transformed lifeMatt's books are love letters to the Evangelical community in all our broken mess New believers or those exploring Christianity won't get a lot of the subtle jokes and gags but the story is sufficiently rich that anyone will enjoy and be challenged by what they find For those who do pick up on the subtleties Matt takes shots at everyone across the board including an honest look at himself It's a great book to read for fun or as part of a discussion clubBottom Line This book is outstanding We need totally silly totally serious theology like Matt gives us Not everyone will enjoy the monster metaphor but if that's your cup of tea then you need this book It'll make you take a hard look at the monstrous aspects of your own soul And you'll ache for the same transformation Matt and his band of monsters discover

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    I've had the privilege of reading both of Matt Mikalatos' works He has a uniue gift for combining fictional and actual characters placed in real life settings and using them to build hilarious episodes that provide holistic portrayal to profound problems One might expect that using science fiction to speak to spiritual issues would produce a simplistic superhero esue type of story This certainly is not the case as Mikalatos spins a deep and thoughtful allegory on the deficient spirituality that fails to deliver on the promise of transformation that is supposed to come with a relationship with Jesus Christ Fans of Imaginary Jesus now My Imaginary Jesus reportedly thanks to the skiddishness of some vendors who fear that zombieserrChristians won't buy a book with such a blasphemous title will find Night of the Living Dead Christian to be darker than his first book and at times graphically violent though not lacking the author's signature humor Neither the comedic elements nor their contrasting villainous episodes however overwhelm the author's clear sighted parable on Gospel centric spirituality and it's unmistakeable call to die in order that one might truly and abundantly live One of my favorite features of the book carefully avoiding a spoiler here is the way it demonstrates the cross of true discipleship in the resolution of its central conflict After decades of counterfeits and substitutions embraced and propagated by the church it is refreshing if not somewhat daunting to see regeneration and transformation pictured so truthfullyNight of the Living Dead Christians serves as mirror in which believers may examine their lives with the guidance of the Holy Spirit seeing whether attitudes and behaviors are consistent with life and love or indicative of death and decay Like the vampires in the book we may not want to look but failure to do so may propagate a fatal deception We may think ourselves transformed while living comfortably and destructively with our rather monstrous traits

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    Spoiler AlertOverall I really enjoyed this read I'm not normally a reader but I read this whole book in 2 days or less which speaks a lot of how talented the author isThe storyline moves very uickly and is very entertaining Throughout the allegory you are able to pick up on certain parallels and the Interludes add a lot to seeing the process of transformation played out specifically in the main characterI enjoyed Matt's first book Imaginary Jesus a little because honestly I've never been a huge fan of zombies vampires werewolves etc so it was slightly harder for me to get really excited about the illustrations in this bookI also felt like the story could have been shortened a bit to allow time to delve into the conclusion a little deeper As it was nearing the end of the book I found myself wondering How is he going to wrap this up? It was good because it kept me wondering but I think I was slightly let down with the brevity of the end I want to emphasize that I was not let down because things did not end perfectly with Luther Clarissa getting back together which I actually appreciatednot because I was hoping they would stay separated but because it was a realistic look that our sins have natural conseuences that may not be automatically reversed because of an authentic relationship with Christ but with the abbreviated addressing of the parallels to the story On the flip side it leaves the opportunity for further discussion wide open and has discussion uestions to help facilitate some of that with others who have read the bookOverall I really liked it and appreciated the imagination creativity humor of the writer which helps look at the often times frustrating overwhelming process of transformation in the life of believers In the introduction the reader is encouraged to use the book as a mirror see monsters in our own lives and I believe this book helped me do that a little Not only would I recommend this read to others but we may use it as pre trip reading on our youth group's annual summer trip

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    With a title like Night of the Living Dead Christian readers would think the main character is a zombie who believes or maybe not in Christ The main character is actually a werewolf named Luther Martin who used to believe in Christ He's the next door neighbor of Matt Mikalatos a bumble headed Christian who used to watch monster movies as a kid and is now a self appointed neighborhood watch captain He discovers not only Luther but also a mad scientist with his robot henchman a monster hunter and a high school friend who is now a vampire And a horde of zombies too All these characters have varying levels of Christian faithMikalatos narrates the story for the most part It begins as very lighthearted comedy almost frivolous Mikalatos teams up with the scientist and his robot and initially they want to kill the werewolf They can't find silver bullets so they get some pocket change and some sling shots and try to kill him with silver coins which was very funny They soon discover Luther wants to escape his bestial nature and begin to help him on the path back to Jesus to a way of life not dominated by lower passionsThe book has a lot of serious bits as well Occasional chapters are reflections by Luther on his problems and where he is in the story He starts as a bitter ex Christian who does want to change from being a beast but doesn't know how to do it Another character has a history of serious domestic abuse from which she is recoveringThe comedy and the drama are fairly well blended though the book is much comedy The look at Christianity is interesting but not super deep It seems like a good launching point for deeper discussions The book has a discussion guide at the back so maybe that was the plan all alongThere was one thing to which I had a negative visceral reaction at one point the scientist says he tried to clone Jesus from the Catholic Eucharist but was unsuccessful Being Catholic that made me shudder

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    So I’ve found out I’m a gorgonYes a gorgon The snake haired ones with the scaly skin Not very flattering but I’m a teacher–I need to have thick skin and a death stare that can silence an unruly classroom Yes this stare occasionally gets used on my husband or on unsuspecting friendly bystanders I’m not perfectHow did I come to this knowledge?Night of the Living Dead ChristianSilliness aside Night of the Living Dead Christian is a highly worthwhile read The use of monsters as Christian allegory is decently well done and like his earlier novel this one has a strong potential connect to a non traditional audience Plus Mikalatos is a very humble often insane narrator which makes the experience fun and tones down any potential preachy ness While I felt the last third of the book was a bit rushed overall the book is a solid journeyThat’s enough for now I need to feed the snakesy’know the ones my headFor my three day review as part of the CSFF Blog Tour please check out this hereRead the Extraordinary Responsibly

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    Werewolves and Vampires and Zombies oh myWhen I selected this book to review I didn’t know the author and I both had a love for B grade monster movies off beat humor and secretly wanting to be the main character in a monster movie or book Matt manages to put all of these things together in a light hearted book with a serious message What kind of Monster are you?We all have a monstrous nature and tendencies but is there any hope of being truly transformed from these evil ways? Vampires are selfish and steal from others for their own benefit Werewolves wrestle with animalistic desires and are unable or unwilling to control these urges Zombies are mindless minions who only want to follow and not think for themselves The author puts himself into the Mad Scientist role of having all the answers and trying to fix everyoneDo we recognize the monsters we’ve become? Do we even care?An interesting allegory into the lives of facing and dealing with the dark side in all of our lives

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    I'm not sure that this book knows uite what it wants to be At times it was a fun light romp and then it would turn super preachy I guess I would say the flow just wasn't very goodFor the most part I enjoyed the story The zombie parts were probably my favorite The author got pretty creative with his zombies and it was just fun I think if he had just let the monsters be a metaphor and not got uite as heavy handed the book would have been better But then that's just my personal preference and of course everyone likes different things about books If you're looking for a Christian fiction story where the religion is subtle this is definitely not the book for you I felt like I was jarred right out of the story and was reading a different book like a non fiction Christian book at timesOverall though the story was uite fun and very silly and if you don't mind some preaching in your stories you'd probably like it a lot Grade C

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    Matt Mikalatos managed to tell the thousands year old story about man's privilege to be transformed It was funny it was drawing it was exciting It made me think about my relationship with Jesus about my inner monster which sometimes comes out and all of a sudden I become werewolf vampire mad scientist or a mummyI did enjoy the book and I was surprised by its ending However I shall recommend it to others for it articulates simple truths in yet another interesting and a bit scary way

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    I had that sudden creepy feeling that something truly horrible stood drooling over my shoulder and with a fear fueled shout I spun around only to discover my neighbor LaraLara and I had gone to high school together so it was this weird thing that she lived across the street now Weird in the sense that I couldn't help but feel a little bit less like an adult when she was around She had her long dark hair swept down and a tight pair of dress slacks on and a white collared shirt and a black cape Her skin looked pale I assume because she was frightened of zombiesOh hey LaraWhat's all the racket? she asked I heard this horrible noise in the neighborhood and then when I looked outside I saw all those people dressed like zombiesI laughed Nothing to worry about I scared them away by pretending to be a vampireNow Lara was laughing too and I noticed her thin sharp canine teeth It seemed a little sad to me that Lara had tried on her Halloween costume a week early but she was single again and I knew she was lonely and bored sometimes You going to be a vampire for Halloween?She grinned Nah I'm going to be a pirateWhat's with the teeth then?She blushed A vampire pirateMatt Mikalatos has a problem His neighborhood is overrun with monsters and he's the captain of the neighborhood watch He meets zombies a mad scientist and his robot vampires werewolves and Eventually he even befriends a few of them and discovers a secret They were all human once In fact they are all human now Underneath their monstrous forms there are humans waiting to be transformed into their true selvesMore serious are the interludes where Luther the werewolf records his innermost thoughts These are the sections where Mikalatos is challenging readers to dig deeper and take a good hard look at their lives their actions and their faithThe uest undertaken by Matt and his friends is an entertaining journey that leads to sacrifice redemption and ultimately the savior who transforms us all Christ Monsters have long been the storyteller's device for examining the problems that we all face when as St Paul says in Romans 715 What I do I do not understand For I do not do what I want but I do what I hate Mikalatos uses this metaphor to good effect to show Christians new ways to look at their own behavior and where they are denying that they need Christ's help to die to selfThe author doesn't just look at how people live their lives He also examines types of worship and churches as well I admit that made me rather wary knowing that Mikalatos was writing primarily for nondenominational Protestants However the two times that Catholics were briefly mentioned Mikalatos made sure that they were properly understood as far as he himself understands the Catholic faith on that below in the Comments for Catholics He also took the stance which Catholics believe and affirm that people are good underneath everything As Peter Kreeft puts it we are like masterpieces with big scratches on themThe ground that is covered isn't necessarily new Anyone who regularly practices self examination of conscience will recognize many of the points made However trying to rid the neighborhood of monsters is a device that may make the most self aware Christian realize there is something that is not reflecting properly in the mirror and take another lookMikalatos wrote a book that is laugh out loud funny and that had me pestering family members to read amusing passages He also has an engaging way of shaking up readers to look at their own lives with fresh eyes I enjoyed the book very much and feel it can offer a lot to Christians when used for personal discernment about their walk with the Lord There were a couple of things that Catholics would need to be open minded about which I address belowCOMMENTS FOR CATHOLICS contains a couple of spoilers but I don't think they'll spoil the book1In one spot the mad scientist is trying to clone Jesus using a chewed communion wafer and wine stolen from a Catholic Church Mikalatos points out that this is a misunderstanding of transubstantiation to think that Jesus could be cloned from these It is never stated whether the wafers and wine were consecrated before they were stolen the theft of which would have constituted one of the gravest of mortal sins In fact it is a supreme desecration that gave me a nasty jolt when I read it because the host was somewhat chewed  so I couldn't assume that consecration hadn't taken place However it is clear from the way that the story is written that the author is not trying to upset anyone and it is actually a logical leap for a scientist to make Especially a mad one2In the end every church the group of friends tries winds up having a serious problem There is no church that doesn't have some sort of doctrinal error whether real or misunderstood by one character or another Eventually church seems to be a gathering of friends and family by a river for baptismNow there isn't necessarily anything wrong with that scenario for a lot of Protestants but for Catholics the Church can't be cast aside so easily Even Catholics who regularly criticize the Church recognize that there is great good that comes from her or they would leave The Catholic point of view is that your family isn't your church your Church is your familyCatholics' love for their Church and her teachings goes far beyond the book's zombie church where everyone blindly obeys what the founderpastor has written in his study Bible Again it is made pretty clear that the author isn't taking shots at any one group at least as far as I can tell He is just addressing believers who turn off their brains at the church door and blindly follow whatever they are told That's a definite no no in the Catholic faith where we are called on to be sure we understand the Church's teachings I'd bet that every Catholic priest and bishop would laugh at the idea of parishioners who blindly do what the Church teaches without uestioning it even as they obeyAlthough the author seems to cast off any sort of organized religion in the end this story is the uest of a group of friends for individual transformation and that is how I chose to read it Your milage may vary

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    Honestly the first 2 chapters of this book were hard to get through They didn't make sense and seemed REALLY out there But I kept with it and I am glad I didZombies vampires mad scientists robots and werewolves in a story about coming to Christ? I never would have thought that such an odd combination would touch my heart and cause me to do some serious self reflection and yet it strangely did I highly recommend this to anyone struggling with the idea of what it means to be a real follower of Christ you might find yourself to be one of the monsters Fortunately when human beings became sinful or depraved or whatever happened there they never lost somehow being in the image of God Which means that even at our worst there's some piece of us that still reflects his imageand that's not something we can ever completely eradicate