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E Ephron NM Kelby Heather Sellers and Donald Maass plus a foreword by James Scott Bell You'll learn invaluable skills for mastering every area of the craftDefine and refine your charactersMake your plot and conflict high energy and intenseHone your story's point of viewCreate a rich setting and backstoryCraft dialogue that rings trueSelect the right words and descriptions throughout your storyRevise your story I've read how to wr

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Learn How to Create Stories That Captivate Agents Editors and Readers AlikeInside you'll find the tools you need to build strong characters keep your plots moving master the art of dialogue choose the right point of view and This comprehensive book on the art of novel and short story writing is packed with advice and instruction from best selling authors and writing experts like Nancy Kress Elizabeth Sims Halli A collection of Wri

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To perfectionThroughout you'll find supplemental sections that cover special topics like getting started beating writer's block researching your work and getting published They'll help you integrate your skills into a balanced productive and fulfilling careerWhether you're writing flash fiction a short story a novel or an epic trilogy you'll come away with the tools you need for strong and effective storytellin A collection of ess Mimi Cracra fait un barrage (Les Aventures de Mimi Cracra) you'll find supplemental sections that cover special topics like getting started beating writer's block researching Mimi Cracra trouve un tricycle (Les Aventures de Mimi Cracra) your work and getting published They'll help Mimi Cracra et le tourniquet (Les Aventures de Mimi Cracra) you integrate Mimi cracra au téléphone your skills into a balanced productive and fulfilling careerWhether Mimi Cracra mange une glace (Les Aventures de Mimi Cracra) you're writing flash fiction a short story a novel or an epic trilogy MIAM MIAM MIMI CRACRA A you'll come away with the tools MIMI CRACRA VA PLUS VIT A you need for strong and effective storytellin A collection of ess

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    A collection of Writer's Digest articles on the craft of fiction writing this book covers in turn each stage in the process from planning to writing the first draft to revising to submitting the manuscript for publication Also special sections contain practical advice on how to integrate writing routines into everyday life Recommended

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    To be fair I'm not even 100 pages in yet but this book and it's tips have irked me on almost every single page so far Especially as I read it right after Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose which is a million miles better instructive and to a higher level this book pales in comparison and gives the kind of writing advice that Reading Like a Writer warned us to remain wary about particularly how this book tells you many things you should not do when in Reading Like a Writer an entire section is dedicated to showing the writers who ignored these don't's to great success Not to mention that the tips here are often half hearted pointing out of things I've known since high school English class which had a LOUSY curriculum so that's saying something The way tips are wordedthe way it is advised you go about implementing these tips makes the tips almost wrong or misguiding ie telling writers to base their characters off of a pick n mix of characteristics of people they know in real life If you think about it yes this is sound advice however for a start we are already aware that characters are or are like real people which is stated multiple times in a single section as though we as writers would have been unaware of this fact and secondly I feel as though there could have been a much better way to word it such as simply advising to think about the great number of characteristics and conflicting aspects of any one person's personality and to keep this in mind when creating characters And honestly anyone who has played The Sims 3 and given sims random traits will be very much aware of the diversity of human life if they weren't from their experiences in real life already In another part a part on romance writing it says to only create likeable characters those who who are ALWAYS nice NO MATTER WHAT and who has flaws but none that would detract at all from the character's likeability and those who NEVER say anything cruel or mean even and ESPECIALLY in the face of a character who may actually deserve it WHAT BOLLOCKS This type of advice is another thing we're warned to remain wary about in Reading Like a Writer and what about Oliver Tate in Submarine? Part of it's hilarity and likeability as a story is the fact that Oliver is basically a pretentious self involved little shit Perhaps I'm so heavily against this idea due to the fact that most of my favourite characters are so heavily flawed yet still capable of romance and relationships and success Most of all though this book really only aims to guide those who wish to write genre fiction flash in the pan style books rather than anything lasting or classic Which there is nothing wrong with but this book actually accidentally portrays genre fiction in the worst way and I honestly pity any person who takes any of these tips as gospel I'll keep reading though maybe they'll be SOMETHING I can take away from it other than a burning desire to write everything the way it's been said not to to prove that it can be done

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    Just finished reading Crafting Novels Short Stories Excellent book full of concrete information Holds the tools you need to build strong characters keep your plot moving master the art of dialogue choose the right point of view and Highly recommend

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    This is one of the worst instructional material I've ever read Skip it completely as there is lots of better books about this subject out there For one the author thinks being antisocial and being a sociopath are the same thing Secondly when the author gets to the subject of writing a good villain the author recommends making your villain have several mental disorders to make them dislikeable and to give them an excuse to behave irrationally Are you for real? Thirdly the author writes PARAGRAPHS about if you want a good protagonist then never EVER EVER have them commit adultery EVER Then the author says never have your protagonists say anything mean EVER Sorry but I prefer bias out of my instructional books I do not want to hear about the authors dumb biased opinions in my instructional novels Its like a brain damaged orangutan wrote this book

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    I've read how to write books before but this might be the most singularly helpful writing book I've ever read The chapters are accessibly short and offer a refreshing variety of voices and opinions and tips Moreover the book covers as far as I can see every single aspect of the writing process as well as helpful little asides about research work life balance motivation and so on The book is entirely unpretentious and not condescending or supercilious in the slightest and makes the writing life seem accessible without being patronizing I'd recommend this to anyone thinking about getting into fiction writing or anyone who already has and like me needed a refresher

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    This book has a TON of repeat information I mean the cut chapter one out of the Writers Digest series Write Great Fiction and pasted it to make this book If you want than a summary than try the series mentioned If you are not a beginner and have read writing books you will likely use this as a coaster

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    There are some good pointers here as well as information you can go back to at different stages in your writing It is repetitive I felt much of the information is relative to the type of writer you are and many of the contributors directly contradict one another as to what is necessary and what is not art vs form

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    There are three types of information in this book industry and pro tips stuff you might know but it's helpful to have exemplified and information that you know but could use a refresher onThere categories are helpful as are the multiple authors hence multiple perspectives Unless you're regularly selling blockbusters you can probably find some help in here

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    A collection of essays and webposts from WritersDigest this is an excellent writing advice book Solid tips easy to read and understand I chewed through this in a few days because it's written in an engaging instructional style Would recommend

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    I skipped around because from beginning to end wasn't getting it done But even just choosing what to read I had a hard time wanting to read this book It was just boring mostly

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