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Daughter demure wife efficient household manager Ripped from her home first during the Japanese occupation and again during the bloody civil war that divided her country Hongyong fought to save her family by drawing from her own talents and values Over the years she proved her spirit indomitable providing for her husband children by running a successful restaurant building a profitable opium business and eventually becoming adept at the. def one of the greatest memoir for me theres no page in this book that


“A captivating memoir of a courageous survivor” Publishers Weekly and “a window onto the panorama of modern Korean history” St Petersburg Times this is a radiant and engaging story about a young American woman’s discovery about the life of her Korean grandmotherHelie Lee’s grandmother Hongyong Baek came of age in a unified but socially repressive Korea where she was taught the roles that had been prescribed for her obedient. A wonderful story about her resilient grandmother

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Healing art of ch’iryo When she was forced to leave her country she moved her family to California where she reestablished her ch’iryo practice Writing in her grandmother’s voice Helie Lee recreates an individual experience in a uniue culture that is both seductively exotic and strangely familiar With wit and verve she claims her own Korean identity and illuminates the intricate experiences of Asian American women in this century. This book tells the story of the author's grandmother who lived in Kore

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