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    “If after reading this book you come to my home and brutally murder me I do not blame you” I know this is an awful thing to say but I am so tired of all the illness romance books we've seen since The Fault in Our Stars They're so hung up on leaving the reader with a beautiful message about life andor death so intent on making you cry and showing how a person can gain a new outlook or fall in love from being close to someone with a terminal illness In real life very few people are lucky enough to take something amazing away from an experience like that Andrews knows it and he does such a great job of delivering a book that is hilarious with colourful characters that contains a girl with cancer but doesn't strain itself to give us a life lesson “Look I was an idiot I didn't want people to think that I had a crush so I decided to give everyone the impression that I truly honestly hated Madison Harter For no reason Just thinking about this makes me want to punch myself in the eyeball” One of the best things about this book is that the illness is a subplot in an otherwise really funny novel This is the most I've laughed at a story in a very long time Greg is a fantastic protagonist and the jokes vary between witty sarcasm and a bit of ridiculous schoolboy humour who knew breasts could be such a source of hilarity? And the even better thing is that Andrews doesn't try to manipulate the reader's emotions I didn't feel like I was being forced to cry or pity Rachel and I appreciated the author's message that sometimes shit happens things go wrong and people die and we don't necessarily learn anything useful from it other than the fact that shit happens things go wrong and people dieGreg feels like he should be moved by Rachel's illness he feels like he should hang out with her and yet Andrews allows him to acknowledge that he isn't moved he doesn't really want to help out or get involved in fact he finds himself wishing he could ignore the whole situation carry on with his life and pretend it isn't happening Maybe you won't like this sentiment but it felt a million times honest and real than any other book about illness that I can rememberI think that what I like about Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is what's lacking in Green's work Andrews' characters are not life lessons not philosophers not poets they're just kids in the worst kind of situation And they're also incredibly funnyIf you're looking for a honest and hilarious story with a great cast of characters I'm pretty confident Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is for youBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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    this is probably the best debut novel i have ever written

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    If after reading this book you come to my home and brutally murder me I do not blame you Greg Gaines survived most of high school by following his flawless system of staying at the periphery be nice but not too nice Laugh but not too loud Existbut only enough for people to barely notice He has his meritocracy his long time friend Earl and his uirky collection of homemade movies made with Earl he's all ready to survive graduate and move onBut then his mom decides to throw one huge wrench in his great aims of blending into the background by forcing him to be friends with the cancer girl Mom was asking me to resume a friendship that had no honest foundation and ended on screamingly awkward terms How do you do that? You can’t Andwith much grumbling and prodding and outright threatening he agrees And his whole plan the mediocrity the movies the periphery crumbles into dust There was just something about her dying that I had understood but not really understoodyou can know someone is dying on an intellectual level but emotionally it hasn't really hit you and then when it does that's when you feel like shit Wow like seriously wow This one surprised me Greg's story is certainly not a typical teen cancer sort of book So if this were a normal book about a girl with leukemia I would probably talk a shitload about all the meaningful things Rachel had to say as she got sicker and sicker and also probably we would fall in love and have some incredibly fulfilling romantic thing and she would die in my arms But I don't feel like lying to you She didn't have meaningful things to say and we definitely didn't fall in love Jesse Andrew's novel simply felt real than all of those other ones I've readIt didn't dance around the topic it didn't tug at your heartstrings in just the right way and there was no chaste fade to black sex scene There are so many beautiful cancer books out there that this one was truly a relief This book was funny crass rude and above all absolutely real And for that I truly appreciate this novelThere were times where I wanted to shake Greg shake Rachel shake Greg and Rachel at the same timeand above all wrap Earl in a huge hug Definitely one to read But you gotta live your own life You gotta take care a your own shit before you get started doing things for errybody else YouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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    Overall a great read Jesse Andrews needs to release books My full review can be found here

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    Umm I don't know exactly what to say about this book It seems to me like one of those cult books where if you love it you love it but if you don't you don't There were parts of it that were funny but the majority of the parts that I felt were meant to be funny just fell flat The cover is absolutely beautiful and there were some parts that I definitely enjoyed but it just didn't do it for me This book is about Greg and Earl and Rachel Greg is a high school senior and he and Earl are amateur film makers spoiler alert They're not very good Rachel is Greg's old kind of girlfriend who recently became diagnosed with leukemia and is dying There were some parts of this book were laugh out loud funny but the non funny bits and the kind of useless annoying bits made it a one star for meSPOILER DISCUSSIONCan I just talk about how much I hated all the this is such a bad book I don't even know why I'm writing this I'm going to throw the laptop if you're enjoying this you should punch your own eye parts Why? I don't know if it was kind of supposed to be funny and enjoyable and like haha he's making fun of himself but it came across like those people who are always talking about how ugly they are and you just want them to shut upLet's just spend a second talking about this cover So gorgeous I'm so in love with it All the art was amazing it was just the story blahI liked all the alternate ways of telling the stories Bullet points and script format and all of that Probably my favorite part of the whole rading experienceI honestly didn't care about the characters at all And I think that's the issue even when Rachel died I was like eh what a shame Greg seemed like a total jerk I could get used to Earl in a way and I actually enjoyed his character but it was just oddAnother thing about this book it felt like it was trying so hard to be eccentric and different Like how there were all the dorky goth kids and Mr Mcarthy and all of Earl's brothers Not everyone is eccentric like that For a lot of people you have to get to know them and then you figure out all their little uirks There is no place that I'm aware of where you can have teachers who are shoeless in class and kids who beat up on each other randomly and a girl dying of cancer and a kid so unable to feel things and only able to beat up on himself but who likes to make films anyway so his future self can just talk about how much they suck some That is just too much in my opinion There have to be some normal peopleI liked some of the plot but so much of it was tangents and they didn't really make sense to me and we didn't really get to know any of the characters I'm sure there was some deep stuff going on that I just didn't catch onto and really we know that Earl has spent so much time trying to help his mother and all that but it just isn't anywhere near enough for meENDSomewhat amusing not at all sad weird book 53%

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    It’s rare for me not to know what to say about a book And I guess I do know what to say about this one but my thoughts are very different from other people so just keep in mind that we all perceive things characters scenes etc differentlyGreg is a liarA big fat liar he would correct meFrom the beginning he is lying to us He says that his meeting Rachel who suffers from leukemia didn’t change anything inside him He says he didn’t learn anything from this experience he lived and that in no way has it changed his way of looking at things – cancer death friendship life etcHe even says it I learned absolutely nothing from Rachel’s leukemia But those are lies He’s so in denial it made me furiousHe’s not in touch with his emotions He’s the type of person who wants to steer clear of altercations at all cost To make his life simpler he even decides to befriend everyone at school without really befriending them so he could steer clear of any drama befalling him tooNow I liked him I really did I thought he was adorably goofy and awkward He doesn’t share my type of humour but that doesn’t mean I didn’t find this book entertainingIt is I was always a huge fan of ‘‘special novels’’ I like to call them The ones that defy the idea of what a novel should consist of The ones that aren’t always written in paragraphs and very often use book related props letters bullet points various fonts etcI liked its original narration and Greg himself Though I couldn’t agree with him all the time and I still don’t he’s a kid a small part of me could connect withThe part that doesn’t know where it belongs in this life What to study? What school to choose? Where to go and what to do? He and I are very different people and we probably would never be friends but I can say that he’s a good kidMost of the dialogs make sense – thank god – and the humour in form of figures of speech is not hard to decrypt and even the writing is somewhat enjoyableBUT THE PLOT or rather the lack of it may get on your nerves The book is fairly fast paced and interestingly put together with all of them book related props to not lose interest in it but it does leave the reader thinking ‘‘Is that it motherfucker?’’Yup that’s itI wish you all the best GregBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    a lot of people are commenting on this so i just wanted to add really uick loli read this book like 2 years ago but i was going through my 'read' list and noticed i gave this four stars which was weird because this book was shit so that's that

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    The humor was crude just for the sake of being crude and I didn't laugh once The main character is unlikeable in an attempt to make the book realistic but in reality it was just annoying This book tried so hard to be edgy and real Oh and don't even get me started on the fact that the girl had no agency and her illness was still used as a motivator for the male main character even though the book kept insisting that it wasn't the usual cancer book Spoiler alert that's what every other shitty sicklit book does frames the story around the not sick personI'm no TFIOS fan but I'd take that over this any day because this was trying way too hard

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    For this review I need to post a gif of Jesse Andrews kicking John Green's ass But I don't know how to make gifs myself I just steal them from other spots on Google I'm too lazy to even try and learn to make my own gifs I don't especially hate John Green take that you haters I read TFIOS and it was an okay book Not very realistic to someone who has survived lived with teenagersThis book is about Greg Gaines He just wants to make it through his last year of high school He knows not many people make it through un scarred for life His friend Earl also is in the story Earl gets a five star for the amount of profanity that he can come up withThen Greg's mom pushes him to become friends again with Rachel She has been diagnosed with AML Leukemia He balks He doesn't do friends That's how he has survived the highschool experience so far He ends up caving because of the naggingThis book is not deep and life altering This book is what all young adult books should be if they didn't have their asses on crooked and think that young people always think deep thoughts Because peoplethe young adults I knowthey are full of shit That's the normTake Greg for instanceSo if this were a normal book about a girl with leukemia I would probably talk a shitload about all the meaningful things Rachel had to say as she got sicker and sicker and also probably we would fall in love and have some incredibly fulfilling romantic thing and she would die in my arms But I don't feel like lying to you She didn't have meaningful things to say and we definitely didn't fall in love So if you are looking for this Go find some other bookIf this is to your likingJesus Christ on a cockwagon At the beginning of this sentence my Feeling Like a Dick uotient was a solid 40 which is normal By about the word excuse it was all the way up to 94 By the end I was easily maxed out at 100 Actually I may have broken the scale You can take pretty much any sentence in this book and if you read it enough times you will probably end up committing a homicideThis is the book for you And it's frigging awesome

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    I can appreciate snarky And snarky certainly describes our narrator The problem is I can appreciate snarky when I like the character I never grew to like Greg And because I didn't like him or the story line things like the excessive cussing in the book really bothered me Had I liked or felt drawn to the characters I could forgive that flaw Heaven knows I can speak in language that would make my mother cringe and a sailor seem tameI was so excited to find a book with an African American character represented on the front cover And then I was appalled as Earl and his family were defined in painful stereotypes of the African American community Single mom stepdad left multiple boyfriends alcoholic Brothers who are gangbangers and sell drugs a run down house Earl is described as looking perpetually pissed and having anger issues and violent tendencies At the end he goes to work at Wendy's instead of pursuing collegeGreg on the other hand is white lives with both parents father is a college professor mom runs a non profit 2 sisters who as far as we know are good kids Pursues film school at the behest of the dying girlI think it really got to me when Greg described the school principal an African American guy big and scary and with the same pissed look that Earl has Now the author has created two angry African American malesI know there are those who will argue that they know someone like Earl that it is reality that I am too sensitive But these descriptors are not accidents If we are going to put books in the hands of kids then we have to begin to be willing to have the hard conversations that ask why the reality here is so starkly different for these two characters Why can't the race of the two characters be switched? Are we going to perpetually defend the use of these stereotypes? I just can't

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Greg Gaines is the last master of high school espionage able to disappear at will into any social environment He has only one friend Earl and together they spend their time making movies their own incomprehensible versions of Coppola and Herzo. “If after reading this book you come to my home and brutally murder me I do not blame you” I

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Stops treatment Greg and Earl decide the thing to do is to make a film for her which turns into the Worst Film Ever Made and becomes a turning point in each of their livesAnd all at once Greg must abandon invisibility and stand in the spotligh. For this review I need to post a gif of Jesse Andrews kicking John Green's ass But I don't know ho

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