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    The pictures are so wild and stimulating that it is hard to seefind the characters on each spread

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    This is a seuel to The Cow That Laid An Egg Marjorie the mother cow did indeed lay an egg and out of it hatched Daisy Daisy the cow just happens to look like a chickenyes you heard correctlya chicken It is time for little Daisy to go off to Cow School and the first week is very hectic for her She has great difficulty fitting in and doing what the other cows are capable of achieving Doesn't surprise me much when she is not a cow You have to give her an A for trying She cannot hoof paint swat flies with her tail her cud chewing is a disaster and don't get me started on cowpat training She struggles and limps along and then begins to feel defeated and like a failure One skill that is dangled before her by Miss Gold Top her teacher puts her in at high school leveland it behooves her to give it a try in front of the rest of the class She passes with flying colours This book teaches us that individuality is special and we should appreciate that characteristic in ourselves and especially in others around us The book gives a wonderful life lesson of acceptance all submerged in wacky fun illustrations that are very appealing to the funny bone for sure You will laugh and giggle as you follow Daisy and her mom through her first week at Cow School

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    Marjorie the cow sends her daughter Daisy off to cow school where she Daisy is actually a chicken but Shhh don't tell learns all kinds of useful cow skills Only because she is a chicken Shhh don't tell she's not very good at any of them one of these is lessons is making COW PATS no really they went there After a disappointed Daisy confides in her mother a group of chickens has a discussion with the teacher who then announces rather shakily that their next lesson is FLYING None of the other little cows is good at this despite their efforts to get airborne but Daisy is amazing After her success she announces that when she grows up she wants to bea ChickenThis follows two other stories about Marjorie and Daisy The Cow That Laid an Egg and The Cow That Was the Best Moo ther I wonder if Daisy will be a rebellious and awkward teen chicken in the next installment? Messy child like illustrations add fun to this already funny picture book

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    This is a follow on book to The Cow that Laid an Egg and The Best Cow in Show in which Daisy starts school Daisy doesn't seem to be so good at the things that all the other cows are good at and she starts to get a little deflated That is until the chickens visit the head teacher and the curriculum changes overnight The tables are turned and Daisy excels whereas the other cows can only stand back and admire her talents Kids will find lots to laugh at in this book; who couldn't resist a snicker at cowpat training It would be a great selection to celebrate difference and individuality

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    So what if you are the only chicken at a school for cows A sweet tale of being the odd duck out in school by Andy Cutbill that i happened across by chance A great book to talk about acceptance of differences and allowing different talents to shine

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    Another addition to the everyone is different and that's OK booksBut hey This one IS different so I guess that's OKI need to read the other books in the series How did Daisy come to a cow family? This is one of my uestions ;

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    PB 40 This book was fun would make a great read aloud and was organized very well I wasn't a big fan of the artwork but I did like how the pages were put together Lesson be yourself? Not uite sure but still a fun book

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    uirky and cute Definitely need to be in a silly mood when you read it

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    Grades PK 1This story about Daisey the cow's first week at school is a good first week of school book for young children They can make fun comparisons to how they feel in their first week

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    The illustrations made me smile

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Free read í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ï Andy Cutbill

Starting school is full of fun in this laugh out loud seuel to The Cow That Laid and Egg and The Best Cow in ShowMarjorie the cow feels jol. This is a seuel to The Cow That Laid An Egg Marjorie the mother c


Her cows and cowpat training is a disasterYet Marjorie soon discovers that Daisy has a surprising talent to make her stand out from the her. uirky and cute Definitely need to be in a silly mood when you rea

Free read í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ï Andy Cutbill

Ly proud when her daughter Daisy starts school But lessons aren’t as easy as they seem Daisy can’t hoof paint or swat flies like the ot. So what if you are the only chicken at a school for cows A sweet

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