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Her worries Instead of worrying about who she'll be marching down the aisle towards she has to accept she might not be making the journey down the aisle ever Other books in the Eden TrilogyETERNAL EDEN released March 2011 Kindle YA BestsellerFALLEN EDEN released July 2011 Kindle YA Bestseller. You know how every now and then there is a book you just can't bring yourself to finish This was that book for meAfter enduring the first two books which weren't awful I just couldn't finish this one I think what did it in for me was the continual nauseating love between William and Bryn throughout the books to the point that by the third book I literally just couldn't take it any By the third book I had had my fill of You're amazing and I don't deserve you FROM BOTH SIDES Over And over And over I just simply couldn't stomach it any after rolling my eyes repeatedly because William uite frankly was just absolutely perfect in every way and always had the right thing to say in any situation and apparently had no flaws I appreciate realism to a degree in writing no matter what genre Nothing about William was genuine or realistic to me at all Patrick was funny to an extent and honestly the way he beat a dead horse was extremely annoying but him being in love with Bryn came out of left field when he just despised her in the last book Again not realistic What about Bryn makes her so amazing that every guy falls over themselves in love with her after mere days of knowing her OR LESS The author while I believe she is talented and do plan to read from her did her best to hammer into our brains how ordinary and unworthy Bryn was to be an Immortal Yet every man's tongue wags out when she passes by I know that's an exaggeration but come on

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Life's been many things for twenty year old Bryn Dawson but one thing it's never been is easy And it's only about to get harderAs the gossip of Bryn being Betrothed to her true love's little brother Patrick becomes reality than rumor Bryn does her best to think positive thoughts ignore Patric. I loved loved love loved loved this one It was the best in the whole series I was disappointed in the second one but the author sure did make it up in this one It was perfect seeing Bryn and William finally getting their happy ending afterall There was drama in this book but it was worth it I was on the edge of my bed when reading about the bethroyel ball I didn't know who the counsil set Bryn with this time and boy I was so surprised when I actually learned it was William because it seemed like they were going to but her with Patrick and I was biting my nails so hard while wishing that they wouldn't I also hated Patrick for telling Bryn how he loved her even thought he shouldn't since she is his brothers one and only love but he did He had the nerve to tell her that on the same day as her ball only few minutes early because he thought it would be him that they pair her up with for some reason and he wanted her to know how he felt before they were put together I hated that it was so sad because I liked Patrick and I was thinking that if Bryn liked him a little and they were actually pair off together in the bethroyel then we were going to get a love triangle which I hate to read about You can't fall in love with two people at once that for me is wrong and just stupid because you can either love one than the other never the same So I was so relaxed when I learned about who she was with and I was back in the middle of my bed Moving on then we see them waiting for their wedding to happen and the girls Bryn Cora I forgot the other girls name having their girls night out before the wedding and it was so much fun to read about that There we see how close they all get and I just loved all that But good things end soon and at the end of their day we see them getting kidnapped by John the villian Then Bryn is tortured and its sad to read about that but Patrick keeps popping up to her to give her courage awww then she gets rescued the villian is killed the hero saves the day they get married and go on their honeymoon and live HEA I also loved the joke they play on Patrick after their wedding night it was hilarious and I loved every bit of it Overall this book rocked and I loved it I hope the author writes series like this

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K's odd behavior avoid Paul's relentless advances and attempts to conjure William back from his latest overseas mission She fails on all fronts The night an army of Inheritors set out with an agenda to deliver vengeance on any Guardian surrounding Bryn the Betrothal Ball becomes the least of. We’d won the game of life We were the rulers of our universe And we’d spend the rest of our eternities settling for nothing lessIn this final installment of The Eternal Eden series Bryn and William are faced with the ultimate battle As Bryn realizes that her intended is not the right Hayward brother she must learn to accept her fate She must learn to ignore Patrick’s weird behavior avoid Paul’s advances and live with not being able to be with William Of course it is an epic fail There is no one she wants than William All of that though is put aside when she once has to battle the Inheritors As the Immortals come together to finally put to rest the Inheritors Bryn is shown just how much her life has changed She isn’t the normal college girl any Will Bryn get her Happily Ever After Or will she learn to live without WilliamWhen I finished this book I could not stop smiling This series was truly a story of true love and in every chapter you felt it Williams and Bryn’s story is one that will forever be in everyone’s mind My reaction at the Betrothal was Epic My husband thought I was losing my mind with all the shouting I have to say that I LOVE Patrick I was excited to learn that he would have his own series and waited patiently for it to come Throughout the whole book I found myself smiling laughing crying and smiling again William and Bryn's story is a beautiful one and United Eden ended beautifully If you are a fan of romance and love that conuers all PICK THIS UP You will not be disappointed

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