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King world Much honored around the world but less well known here she is a writer whose work should be read by anyone who enjoys brilliant mystery or distinguished literatureThis is the utterly absorbing story of best selling nov. It was a pleasure t Hyena enjoys brilliant mystery or distinguished literatureThis is the utterly absorbing story of best selling nov. It was a pleasure t

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This gifted author's ability to draw us so completely into her vividly realized guilt ridden worlds that they seem to meld seamlessly with her own is what makes her one of the finest practitioners of her craft in the English spea. I'm a huge Ruth Ren

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Elist Gerald Candless whose sudden death from a heart attack leaves behind a wife and two doting duaghters To sort through her grief one of his daughters Sarah decides to write a biography of her internationally celebrated father. Was a good though s

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    The surprise ending or what Vine seems to have intended to be a surprise ending is patently obvious even from glancing over the summary on the dust jacket And geez will you ever have a trip in front of you if you decide to take the long road to getting there This book plodded on and on and on Vine's prose offers no whimsy or originality; it's pretty much four hundred pages of simple declarative sentences There is very little dialogue and what little of it exists is scripted entirely by the plot and subplot and totally forgettable The build up to the ending is a chore and the 'dramatic reveal' comes about all at once in the last few pages with little warning and no denouement to speak of You could effectively read the last five pages and then throw this book aside and you would have missed very little in so doing Although I did like Ursula I can't for the life of me understand why she hung around with this bore and jerk of a husband for than a year or two The two daughters were boring as well as being a couple of daddy girl brats who treated their long suffering mother with disdain Since Ursula was the only likable character in the book that was just icky To put it bluntly this is a mystery without mystery a thriller without thrills

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    I'm a huge Ruth Rendell fan and I love her Barbara Vine persona novels the bestThis one is classic Barbara Vine You know the mystery right away It's the way the mystery is solved and how the story unfolds that's intriguing You can see it coming about 100 pages from the end but the way she hooks you in is by making you want to know the exuisite details of the story The details aren't just technical things like guns alibis idiotic and awkward explanations and the rest that normal mysteries are teeming withBecause of this RendellVine is at the top of her craft and it is because of people like her and PD James Henning Mankel and others that I can't read schlock mysteries or ho hum mystery writers I'll refrain from naming names although I'm temptedThe theme is also compelling; you understand it from page one but it's got its own terrific complexityWonderful book; highly recommended

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    Finished 11th February 2009This was a strange book Hard to put down I did not find a single character that I could feel true sympathy with Gerald was arrogant and domineering I wanted to shake Ursula for being so submissive and accepting of his mental abuse The daughters were spoilt and immature What a family but a good read and I was intrigued to find what his secret was at the very end of the book I can't see why the events would cause Gerald to become so unloving and hard can someone change so much so suddenly?

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    It was a pleasure to discover Barbara Vine's gifted narrative on the pages of this book It was no standard typical plot mystery This complex tale is certainly character driven and what an interesting lot these people are Although it is not a small novel it was compelling enough to cause me to yearn to continue my reading when occupied elsewhere Vine was able to maintain the tension until the very last sentence on the last page I shall certainly pursue books by this author

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    I had read this before some years ago but somehow it ended up on my to be read shelf once again Following one of bookcrossings theme of the month threads Jan was jobs and careers I picked this one up and read it again I did not remember most of it although it had left me with some impressions that I would only recognize had become part of my thoughts when I read those parts this second time around It is a very unhappy book for nearly every character if you are looking for happy endings don't look here Gerald Candless famous author passes away and his oldest daughter decides she will write a memoir of her father What she discovers is that his identity is false he is not the man she thought he was who is he? who are she and her sister if their father is not who he said he was? Like all Ruth Rendell's written as Barbara Vine books this one is dark compelling well written It is powerful but ugly and left me feeling a little emotionally ill

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    Barbara Vine is rising to the top of my favorite authors list Her psychological suspense novels are all so individual so very well written with wonderfully developed characters that I want to know aboutafter the novel has ended This novel is no exceptionThe Chimney Sweeper's Boy is peopled by an odd assortment of characters whose histories are the fabric of the novel It's not a standard mystery not a standard type plot but you'll find yourself compulsively reading to find out how it ends Vine really is a master at grabbing the reader and not letting go Highly recommended to those who enjoy character driven narratives with suspense

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    I re read this book to fit my book group's puzzle theme Barbara Vine's novels are always good puzzlers never who done it but why was it done The Chimney Sweeper's Boy opens with the death of Gerald Candless Candless was a famous writer both best selling critically acclaimed who spent 30 years in a loveless marriage raised his two daughters to worship him to a point where they are uite dysfunctional Now in the process of researching her father's biography daughter discovers her father was not who he claimed to be Prior to his marriage he'd left his family of origin behind changed his name faked the details of his early life to maintain the cover up Why did Gerald leave his family take on a new identity? Why did he marry Ursula stay with her for over 30 years when he clearly didn't love her? Why did he need his daughters to love him so desperately? Now that he's gone will they survive? Characters Mostly supremely unattractive I liked Ursula Setting EnglandLondon probably 1970s Writing This is what keeps me coming back to B Vine Because she's a skilled writer you want to keep reading you want to find out what will happen in spite of yourself Overall feeling at end of book glad that icky Gerald is dead; hopeful of daughters being dead; hopeful that Ursula will escape to some tropical island with a new love Hard to believe anyone would do what Gerald did so I'm glad things have changed over the years

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    This was a pretty good book At times I felt it dragged on just a little bitI found myself feeling irritated by the two very selfish daughters who treat their mother like she doesn't exist and I'm bothered that by the end of the book they STILL don't realize what their mother went through I would have liked to see some resolution I would have liked to have an actual ending to the story It seems as though the story ends before there is any closure for any of the characters I wanted to see how they would react to the newsI grew to very much dislike the character of Gerald Candless also I feel like he was so selfish and arrogant and just plain ignorant The way he removes his wife from his daughter's lives is disgusting By the time I got to the end of the book I felt like what happened to make him the way he was wasn't enough It was disturbing yes but not enough to condemn an innocent person to a life without love or even considerationThe story flowed smoothly and the writing style was enjoyable I like to give it 35 stars if I could

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    Was a good though slow to medium paced readGerald Candless a semi reclusive author who lives in a cliff top house near the misty sea coast of Devon dies of a cardiac arrest His doting daughters are asked by His publisher to write his biography and the elder one agrees This decision opens up a Pandora's box and she finds that everything was a lieThe ever suffering neglected wife and mother ekes out a life for herself and the daughters try to deal with their own demons as best as they couldI absolutely loved the surroundings the slow revealing of secrets and overall the character development Reminisced a bit about leading a reclusive life with all comforts and never having to go out o work for a living

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    Having never read a Barbara Vine before but being recommended this book specifically and by someone whose judgement I value I looked forward to starting it and I wasn't disappointed The Chimney Sweeper's Boy is an extraordinary character driven book that tells the story of the Candless family following the death of the patriarch the famous novelist Gerard Candless The hugely successful Candless leaves behind a remote and unhappy wife Ursula and two utterly bereft daughters Sarah and Hope who simply adored the talented and larger than life man with a powerful personality who was their father But when Sarah is commissioned to write a memoir of growing up with such a literary celebrity as a parent she uncovers her father's desperate secret a secret that caused him many years earlier to erase his past and identity and create a new oneThe way this story unfolds is precise and irresistible The main characters especially the spoiled and completely indulged daughters is sympathetic to people who in other spaces and places might even be abhorrent It's testimony to Vine's power as a writer that we the readers nonetheless invest in them and care about the ways the mysterious past of Gerard Candless and his many secrets infect the present and who and what his family have become The novel is also in many ways a book about the writing process about choices processes about the dreadful liberties some writers will take and the haughty presumption that all encounters including with those who share your life are potential literary fodder It is also about the power of words as much as actions to wound betray conceal and possibly healI found this an astounding book It will resonate with me for a long time