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Chaos in the Capital City

REVIEW Chaos in the Capital City

Donald Hairston and his boyhood friends are caught in an extensive police initiative targeting the most crime ridden neighborhoods in DC The heavy police saturation drastically reduces the flow of drugs in the area and along wi.

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Th it the flow of cash to Donald's crewLooking for an alternate source of income the young men rob a Hispanic restaurant outside of their neighborhood killing two of its patrons in the process One of the victims happens to be t.

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He brother of a racist Latino councilwoman who is not afraid to speak her mind But she's tired of talking The inflammatory rhetoric she spreads causes a small race war in the city that grows rapidly and will test all boundaries.

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    ConscriptedDonald Hairston is an only child living with his mom after his dad's murder in DC If you were on the outside looking in you'd be confused D as he's affectionately called has become a product of his environment Smoking weed cutting school dealing drugs he's than a little deep in the mix of things especially where being black in urban America is difficult enough Now that operation safe streets are in effect D and his boys have to find some sort of a way to keep the cash rolling in A robbery murder melee and rabble rousing set off a nasty racial war between the blacks and Hispanics D a warrior in the fast life is trying to be a better person As he seeks to find a way out of the world he's descended into he meets Ronnie a family acuaintance Ronnie tries to help D see the faults in his ways D is combating the Amigos peer pressure the police himself and God as he tries to be a better person Chaos In The Capital City is a progressively fluctuating scale aided by drugs violence peer pressure reprisal and the chance to redeem oneself Author D Mitchell demonstrates how thin the lines are between trials tribulations and a little faith Oh my this is such a commanding book I definitely recommend this read to real readers who can benefit from such a wealth of knowledge Faith without works is dead

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    Angel in Disguise or the Devil?Donald Hairston aka D is a good boy with a fascination with the streets Always falling for the peer pressure his friends are sure to use against him D cannot seem to follow the positive road which always leads him with a ticket on hell's wagonAfter the group of friends mastermind another caper D runs into an old family friend that is willing to help him get on the right path Will D finally wake up and open his heart and mind to the Lord or will his previous actions lead him right in the middle of WWIII?Chaos in the Capital City is full of action and turmoil yet has you leaning on the shoulder of intervention and strength D Mitchell does a superb job of having you engrossed in the main character's growth yet not taking away from the supporting characters involvement in the novel You don't feel like you didn't get to know and understand them Mr Mitchell delivered a great debut and hopefully will not procrastinate with his sopho novel Reviewed by Ladonna

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    The story here goes nowhere and the writing is at best average and I just can't bring myself to waste any time on it than I already have