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  • Pretty Monsters Josh of the Damned #1
  • Andrea Speed
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  • 01 October 2017
  • 9781937551032

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Pretty Monsters Josh of the Damned #1

Andrea Speed ☆ 3 review

Josh knew the night shift at the uik Mart would be full of freaks and geeks and that was before the hell portal opened in the parking lot Still he likes to think he can roll with things Sure the zombies make a mess sometimes but at least they never reach for anything. Well well wellwhat do we have here Pretty Monsters by Andrea Speed is pure grin ear to ear evil fun My heart slyly smiled sighed with satisfaction and declared itself home in these pages with Josh his candy aisle and of course—the HOT Guy DDo you know how hard it is to find laughs creeps cuteness and a dash of hot sauce all in one stop This is one stop shopping Working the night shift at the local uik Mart Josh encounters all sorts of freaks and creeps The new hell portal in the parking lot definitely adds to the strange clientele but only one guy catches Josh’s eye The Hot Guy who comes in every night for sweets and maybe fingers crossed ”Dark deep set eyes that were always just a little bit sleepy but not in an ‘I just woke up” sort of way No they were sleepy in a satisfied post coital sort of way and combined with his rugged jaw and sly red lips Josh found it hard not to jump over the counter and screw his brains out right there”Yeah what he said D whistles This story has a hot bite to it Once again my heart is dazzled by how a short story can seize hold of my heart and head so uickly and with such force The sharp uick wit and humor sexiness and fun pulled me right into Josh’s world I liked Josh and his inner voice and humor instantly We all have to give ourselves that inner pep talk to make a move but Josh’s forehead slapping tongue tied did I really just say that out loud “move” was adorable The hot guy’s movewell I'm not telling D From the eye catching cover to the wicked ending Pretty Monsters had me from the jump Hell the dedication alone had me bowing in reverence—Bruce Campbell is a horror movie god bows Then the first line hit stealing a laugh right out of me I don’t laugh out loud a lot Giggle or smile maybe but laughter is rare The tone and humor just fit right inside my heart Can’t recommend this story enough Yells from rooftops D Warning Buy the second one right along with the first tale Trust me You are going to need it Wicked ending grins with glint in eye at Andrea Speed My apologies for cursing your name on the train last night Ms Speed I didn’t have the second partTHAT was just cruel Son of aThat was exactly what I muttered out loudson of ayou wouldn’t you didn’t just leave me like that You did Haha I like you already Welcome to my world Ms Speed Yet another gem goodreads put in my reading path Wellrifling through Christina’s bookshelves always helps too Hehethe fun I find there D

summary ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Andrea Speed

Threatening than frozen burritosBesides it’s not all lizard monsters and the walking dead There’s also the mysterious hottie with the sly red lips and a taste for sweets Josh has had the hots for Hot Guy since the moment he laid eyes on him and it seems Hot Guy. This is the first Andrea Speed story I’ve read and it makes me want to start on her backlist immediately The story is only a few pages barely enough to grab your attention but it does The premise is pretty simple and it’s one I’ve seen before but that doesn’t mitigate the cute and fun details the author included It’s a nice little story that whets your appetite but it’s not long enough or meaty enough cough to satisfy just yet The story begins with the protagonist Josh at an all night uik Mart What makes this particular late night spot special is that it has a dimension opening to hell and thus attracts all kinds of monsters In this opening vignette we see a lizard zombie and a vampire Basically Josh is the only human in a sea of monsters and uite frankly he likes it that way Especially when his hot guy turns into a pretty monster something he didn’t think was possible Since the story is so short it feels like the first chapter of a book than the first book in a series Clearly this will be a series of short stories but I wonder if that will be satisfying enough There is so much potential and possibility to the world even if it’s a familiar one that I’m not sure a series of very short stories can really adeuately dive into that world building or satisfy on a romanticerotic level I’m very curious to see where the series goes from here The main character his love interest and the bare bones of the concept are all introduced while adding a few laughs so this short is fun to read above allThe writing is humorous delightful and just a touch steamy There’s an obvious affection for the narrator a somewhat hapless regular guy that can’t even flirt affectively Coupled with the nice monster touches and inherent humor in the situation the uickie is easy and fun to read It obviously has uestions than answers joining the non existent characterization so it’s not a perfect story out of the box Perhaps in the larger context of the series it’ll work better but for now it’s a nice introduction that leaves me wanting to read

summary Pretty Monsters Josh of the Damned #1

Might be sweet on Josh too Now if only Josh could figure out whether that’s a good thing a bad thing or something in between After all with a hell vortex just a stone’s throw away Josh has learned to take nothing at face value even if it’s a very very pretty fa. Such an odd read Very short but entertaining Working the night shift at the uik Mart Josh meets some strange customers I found myself snickering at the thoughts racing through his mind as he waits on each one The descriptions of both the characters and their uniue purchases are hilarious And then there's Hot Guy and suddenly the atmosphere changes as things become heated very uickly Who is this guy Is he one of them A lesson to be learned in a few pages A Must Read

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