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In this book by Dani Johnson a business personal wealth and relationship expert you will Learn step by step strategies to making money in less time with less stress Get what it takes to stay ahead in a changing world and experience a lifetime of happiness sa. Before learning about Dani Johnson and ready First

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E of millions of dollars Get the tools you need to become an indispensable asset in every area of your life Discover the Powerful Mindset of an Entrepreneur and how you can put advanced strategies to work for youPut an end to small thinking and ACHIEVE Resul. Truthfully this book felt like an advertisement for Being in the Jungle indispensable asset Super 8 (Motel 6, in every area of your life Discover the Powerful Mindset of an Entrepreneur and how you can put advanced strategies to work for youPut an end to small thinking and ACHIEVE Resul. Truthfully this book felt like an advertisement for

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Tisfaction and fulfillment Discover million dollar income growth and wealth development principles Hear from real people who are living their dreams Unlock a proven debt annihilation formula that has already helped thousands of people pay off debt to the tun. I was going to give this book a lower review until Nice Guys Finish Second income growth and wealth development principles Hear from real people who are living their dreams Unlock a proven debt annihilation formula that has already helped thousands of people pay off debt to the tun. I was going to give this book a lower review until

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    The information of value in this book could have been written in about 50 pages The rest of the book is Dani Johnson trying to convince you that she's ualified to write the book or ualified to be a motivator This kind of annoyed me It created the opposite effect with me

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    Before learning about Dani Johnson and ready First Steps to Wealthy I was stuck in a rut of what to do with my life drowning in debt and unsure of what I should do After reading her book and attending her events my life has all of a sudden became clear I know how to track my finances pay of debt and what I want to do with my life My relationships have never been better and I'm able to share what I've learned with people I love If you want step by step instructions on how to pay of debt and live your life to the fullest I highly recommend going to danijohnsoncom and getting this book Best part? It's FREE You just pay 7 shipping

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    This book had a lot of interesting and useful information for those who are thinking about starting their own business or wanting to get out of debt However I found it very repetitive and it sometimes read like an ad for Dani Johnsons' seminars There was also an over abundance of testimonials scattered throughout the book I realize she believes that testimonials are important to promote business but I found it was just to much I also believe the basis of the approach she teaches is common sense and common courtesy if you get to know someone treat them with respect and kindness than they will treat you the same She takes it a step further and states that they are likely to do business with you I agree most people would want to give their business to someone they know like and trust rather than a stranger at least that is what I believe But no matter what I think she is the millionaire who used these approaches to become a millionaire so she knows better than me what works and what doesn't I do recommend it though not only to those who are thinking about going into business but to anyone who wants to learn how to be a kinder respectful human being

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    Incredible This is best word that I could use to describe my experience from reading First Steps to Wealth by Dani Johnson Today there are so many persons who are presenting themselves as ‘financial gurus’ ‘wealth managers’ and ‘experts in making money’ but Dani has not offered herself with any those titles She writes as Dani Johnson a woman committed to results In this book she carefully lays out the architecture for wholesome wealth building Her story is real born in an abusive home hurt by her church members schemed by former business associates and in general left for ‘dead’financially emotionally and But the power of Desire the fifth law of success and her resolve to stop making excuses as instructed by a God sent multimillionaire were instrumental in reviving her at all levels Dani is like dynamite breaking any barrier that others run away from and her book First Steps to Wealth shows you what dynamite people are made of At the end of the book I wanted to give her a great big hug say thank you and then shut up and listen to her wisdom Dani is now someone who I must meet in my lifetimeSummary of the BookI want to apologise since I feel as if I cannot do much justice to the immense wealth of information that is loaded in this book But here is my attemptWealth is not only about money In fact Dani agrees that for some persons wealth is about good relationships or health The principles shared in the book would enhance any aspect of your wealth philosophy Dani begins with her story a painful intense and real journey of a multimillionaire She also discusses the four reuirements of success that was given to her by a multimillionaire Then goes on to share in depth about 12 laws of success Each chapter ends with some testimonials from her clients which solidified the authenticity and genuine appeal of her message Here are the 12 laws 1 Law of Vision2 Law of the Mind3 Law of Value4 Law of Reaping and Sowing5 Law of Desire6 Law of Teachbility7 Law of Unforgiveness8 Law of Promotion9 Law of Focus10 Law of Honor11 Law of Decision 12 Law of ActionHer explanation of the practical application and benefit of these laws are simple and easily replicated Dani goes on to teach you how to treat with the major personality types and likens us to GEMS In addition she presents the art of FORMing when interacting with persons that moves you from a salesman or desperate evangelist to a concerned business developer Her CORE Rapport Methodology is also included and this details a 6 step process to developing and maintaining healthy relationships Everything in life whether business community work or faith is hinged significantly on relationship building If you are loaded in Debt Dani has a chapter dedicated to eradicating debt She also discusses the ‘Pathway to Bigger Profits’ which are 1 Increase Exposure 2 Increase Conversion 3 Increase Scalability You would also learn how to make money your slave among other thingsThe book winds down with an overview of the laws and the author’s belief that they are rooted in her faith in God This chapter called The God Factor is a compelling conclusion to the principles shared Dani is bold about her belief in divine intervention and enablement that has allowed her to amass wealth Wealth has allowed her to give to the needy to support her family and to shine as an example of the kingdom I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to everyone for reading If that seems to broad a category then I highly suggest that persons involved in business or those having challenges with their relationships or finances get a copy of First Steps to WealthCheck out her website here and buy the bookGo to one of her live events or join a free call Just get plugged in details at her websiteDisclaimerI got this book as gift by joinining Dani Johnson’s community at I was not asked to review this book but felt it necessary to share with my readers and followers The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

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    I was going to give this book a lower review until I finally hit Chapters 7 Dani Johnson stated one should always use testimonials each chapter was so filled with them I was beginning to think there was nothing else to the book That the constant recap of her life plus the ongoing droning about the 98 vs 2% almost annoyed me to the point of putting the book aside However I felt like what was set up in chapter 7 continued in 8 is what so many people need to hear APPLY Dani Johnson would be recommended to of my female friends who need a bit fluff in order to get down to the meat of the issue Myself having read both this book by Dani Johnson Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad would prefer something in between Both bored me a little for different reasons with Dani's book being comprised of a lot of feel good testimonials early on Kiyosaki losing me in the heavy academics However Americans should get this message any way they can Here's to financial freedom Side note maybe the reason I wasn't as into this book as others is because my husband worships Kiyosaki has been applying those principles since before I met him so a lot wasn't new I know I know Dani we can't make excuses say that we're exempt from learning etc Just sayin'

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    Dani Johnson gives Some really great insight in this book She talks a lot about honoring others valuing all personality types and learning how to understand people even if they are nothing like you I love that attitude And what she wrote was very helpful in doing just thatrespecting and honoring others despite vast differences I did feel that at times she held back advertising her seminars instead But it worked on me I'd love to attend one of her seminars to learn even about how to build and honor relationships in a positive way Applying these skills to business is the key to success I enjoyed this book At times it felt repetitive but I still highlighted and dog eared a great punt of the book

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    Truthfully this book felt like an advertisement for her programs and workshops I felt that some of the content was inspirational and got me thinking But most often I found the information repetitive and unorganized A lot of the content also felt like it was an overview; it didn’t uite get to the details I was looking for I was recommended this book by a friend; unfortunately I am disappointed with this book

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    In many ways this could be considered as a glorified ad for her programs with the number of testimonials and urgings to attend her seminars but there is also uite a bit of good solid content here and some great hard hitting advice If you apply just what was in the book your life couldn't help but improve Some great stuff here

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    Loved this book Definitely helps you look at your spending differently Helps you build professional relationships teaches you how to be faithful to your money business time

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    Excellent read all around This book is a marketing vehicle for Dani's products if you received the book for free that's why but that doesn't detract from it's incredible value within the pages also the ads are brief and not obnoxious Dani does constantly tell her story throughout the book but that's probably most annoying for those that are already Dani initiated; those who are new to her work should hear it This book is so rich with paradigm shifting concepts anyone reading it could be guaranteed at least one epiphany I'll be buying a hard copy of this book to bleed all over with highlighters

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