Living Gods Stargate System Lords Stargate Sg 1 characters Ñ 108

Living Gods Stargate System Lords Stargate Sg 1

review Living Gods Stargate System Lords Stargate Sg 1

Kneel before your godParasitic tyrants Aliens masuerading as deities Scum sucking boombox voiced snakes in the head What.

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Ever you call them they are the gravest threat Earth has ever seen the Goa'uld System Lords Now uncover their deepest se.

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Crets their evil minions and the ways the SGC combats their villainy The Goa'uld are waiting; do you dare challenge them.

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    This is another of the books that goes along with the Stargate SG 1 roleplaying game but it is really worth getting just for the non game informational aspects The writers make up a lot of material as background information and that is uite fascinatingWhat is some of the most interesting material is where the writers establish a timeline of history relating to evolution of humans to the evolution of Goa'uld and how the Goa'uld eventually got mastery over the Earth and then lost itThe book even goes into how the Jaffa came about and also how the Tok'ra split off from the Goa'uld In one section they even work in the legend of King Arthur relating it to the Goa'uldThe book also has a lot of game related material in it but the origins and background material of the Goa'uld and other players makes this book worth getting

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    It's a good read if you want a in depth look at the Goa'uld System Lords Lots of rules info and additional classes feats etc to use especially if you want to play a particular gods' Jaffa though I didn't look at this in depth as we aren't using the D20 Stargate rules for our gameThere's also an interesting little section on the psychology of the System Lords helpful if you want to play one Overall it's an excellent book if you're interested in the various System Lords' backgrounds and their main assets and holdings

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