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Book 2 in the McMaster the Disaster series complete with all new Disaster Diary entries Josie McMaster is on the move to London for a top secret stint as a ghostwriter for a high profile celebrity It's her dream job; she's got a beautiful place to stay in the English countryside full acces. The book is just okay Something about this seuel was much less satisfying than the first one The first one got off to a rocky start everyone in Josie's life was hounding her about entering the lottery but picked up steam after Josie was already in it This one however is mired in silliness the entire time from the annoying seat mate to the completely expected ending The problem is Josie I think Josie shone in the first book only in her interactions with Matt and Jake and they aren't here enough to make it enjoyable to spend time with her The celebrity client is hardly present enough to take their place and the client is no Jake or Matt In the first one I was rooting for Josie who seemed like a nice enough girl In this one she strikes me as much less mature and incredibly lazy Did she really think this was a free trip to Europe and that she wasn't going to have to actually do the job she was being paid to doAnd then there's this out of place story that crops up on Josie's ill fated trip to Spain and doesn't go anywhere I imagine it'll come back in the third book At least I hope it does otherwise it didn't need to be there at all At some point in the story I realized Josie felt like a slightly likable version of Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series Even with Josie being a palatable heroine than Becky the shenanigans in Gamble on Engagement wore me out a lot faster I made it to the third Shopaholic book before giving up but I'll be stopping here with Josie

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Tten a biography but how hard could it really be Of course the paparazzi is not helping matters constantly publicizing the 'when will Jake Hall pop the uestion' betting pool which is completely ridiculous considering she and Jake have only been dating a short while or is it55980 word count. This was a cute fun story Kind of silly cheesey at times but it was a uick read so I didn't mind too much I read the previous book in the series a while ago which I liked a lot This was about a girl who went to England to ghost write an autobiography for someone famous and the adventures she had along the way

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S to the celebrity and three months to complete the best ghostwritten autobiography anyone has ever seenIn true McMaster the Disaster fashion Josie tumbles head first into scandal apparently than just an average ghostwriter in the eyes of this new celebrity Not to mention she has never wri. While I thought the first McMaster the Disaster book was a cute read this book was a bit plodding The first book was an easy read and it was pretty fun despite the fact that it was a predictable and a bit unrealistic This book was pretty boring to me and even unbelievable First how many times do people ACTUALLY spit whatever they're drinking out of their mouth I felt like there must have been some weird bug going around that caused everyone to have chronic swallowing issues the way this person and that person was spitting things out or almost spitting things out of their mouth Oh Josie you're so funny here let me spit my water out of my mouth as you regale me with your tales of embarrassment that really aren't even that embarrassing Wow Josie I am shocked that you don't have much of your book written because I know you so well and you're such a hard worker let me practically spit my drink all over because I'm so shocked by your retort that the book isn't going wellSecond how many rich and famous men are going to fall for Josie Jake fell for her after a couple of weeks in which I think they only saw each other a handful of times and now all of a sudden she's ghostwriting a book for a prince who also conveniently falls for her Sheeeesh I thought Josie was pretty likable in the first book but not so much in this one It was just irritating to me how dumb she acted and how lazy she was It drove me crazy how she wouldn't just buckle down and get to work Have some pride in your work develop a work ethic and put some effort into DOING YOUR JOB to write the book This book also bothered me because it would tell us about things instead of having us learnexperience them if that makes sense Like instead of us reading about Josie calling Jake and experiencing their phone conversation we were just told that they talked every day or that she kept getting his answering machine and hadn't spoken to him in 3 days It was hard to believe they were really so close and were at a point where they might even be considering marriage after like 3 months Seriously when it didn't even seem like they had any interaction Maybe if we got to read about their phone conversations and how they stayed in touch and continued this relationship while long distance I would have felt invested in them as a couple It just seemed like Jake was hardly in the book yet somehow this relationship has progressed awfully uickly Also Josie signed a confidentiality agreement and agreed not to tell anyone who she was ghostwriting this book for Her friend Mattie begged her to tell him and after making a big deal about it she finally told him Then somehow Jake and Jennifer knew who she was working for It referenced how she had told Jake but we didn't seeexperience that we were just told Then unless I missed something Jen just seemed to know who she was working for So she makes a big deal rightfully so IMO about this LEGAL DOCUMENT she signed that she wouldn't spill the beans about who she was working for so she won't tell her best friend Mattie who she's working for yet she tells Jake and Jennifer who she has only known for a few months I mean that obviously seems like a good decision It's not like you haven't been burned in the past where someone sold private details about you to the press or anything What's the worse that could happen You could get sued Pshaw Also her friend Jennifer comes into play a lot toward the end of the book and I though their friendship seemed to have developed awfully uickly without us actually experiencing any of it similar to Josie and Jake's relationship Josie met Jennifer through the bridesmaid lotto and then Jennifer moved in almost as soon as the wedding was over before Josie went to London Yet Josie made references as if she and Jennifer were super close friends At one point she said that Jen was one of the most level headed people she knows She's known her for probably 3 or 4 months Yet she somehow just KNOWS this about her Also Josie has a daydream about a wedding and Jennifer being one of her bridesmaids You JUST met and became friends with her is she really going to be in your wedding Although it's apparently not just Josie that may be rushing this friendship because Jennifer apparently is somewhat at fault as well At some point in the book she says something along the lines of this to Josie One of these days you're going to realize that it's okay for other people to do nice things for you too it doesn't always have to be the other way around Uhh what Is she delusional What has Josie done for Jen or really anyone other than herself this or the entire last book It seemed like Mattie was always dropping everything to be there for Josie but she didn't really show much interest in his life or do anything for him or her other friends But yeah you're right Jen Josie deserves to be selfish sometimes If by sometimes I'm assuming you mean all the timeAnother really obnoxious part in the story is when view spoiler Josie is worrying inside her head about what on earth Jennifer will do with a baby as if single women don't have babies all the time Heaven forbid a career woman wants to have a baby what on earth are you supposed to DO In Josie's world this is apparently unheard of because she worries about what Jen will do and if she can take off work to raise a baby Uhhh Jen works in IT not a sweatshop I'm pretty sure she can take maternity leave and then either choose to stay home with the baby or go back to work and leave her baby in childcare With a rich and famous baby daddy I'm sure it'll be much easier for her to afford suitable childcare than most single moms hide spoiler

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