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    This was good but the fact that there impromptu sudden lets have sex moments in random times that weren't needed They impeded the storyline I wanted to just give up when these popped up

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    Contractor Luke Cordova was the nephew of Joe Cordova a famous Native American artist Ashley Donaldson returned to Sena Pueblo to reconnect to her roots Although Luke and Ashley were not close their love for Joe was evident Concerned over Joe’s absence from an art gallery opening and his unusual behavior before disappearing into the desert night they searched and discovered Joe’s dead body the next day Suspicious occurrences led Luke and Ashley on a mission to discover what really happened to Joe and whyLawyer Tom Lahi arrived at the tribal police station at the same time an old friend FBI agent Jessie Gardner was there to take custody of Tom’s new client The shocking hanging of the prisoner left many unanswered uestions about the deaths of Joe and the prisoner Suspicious of the circumstances of the cases Tom and Jessie investigated hoping to find the answers in the desertGallery owner Rico Tafoya distanced himself from his earlier beginnings in the pueblo and the cultural superstitions about witches shift shapers and visions Visionary Charlotte Reyna was a puzzling challenge for Rico her psychic abilities and beauty confused Rico at times Charlotte’s interpretations of Joe’s paintings sent her into dangerous territory each time Rico was drawn to her rescueAlthough the book was divided in three sections and each written by a different romance author “Desert Sons” was actually one story coming from three different viewpoints Encountering cultural beliefs old friendships and new relationships each section had their main characters facing mysterious events in an effort to solve the mystery Their characters shattered the preconceived images of Native Americans and opened a window to the cultural beliefs unknown to many uick introductions of the characters and their connections to each other laid the foundation of a community of caring citizens The atmosphere was charged with the unnerving feeling of being watched and followed the appearance and disappearance of a figure the mind could not comprehend the strange sounds and the fear derived from them Physical endangerments confrontational dialogue and romantic moments kept the pace constant

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    a gooduick readThe ending was anti climatic

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Desert Sons 3 in 1 Harleuin Intrigue #838

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