Summary Æ White Shores The Vitalis Chronicles #1 Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

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White Shores The Vitalis Chronicles #1

Summary White Shores The Vitalis Chronicles #1

In White Shores the world is languishing in the aftermath of the Continental Wars Peace has reigned tentatively until the Witch thought to be the last of the Magi sought to strike back at the human race and bring them to their kneesCaught in the middle of the strife young Ardin Vitalis' family is. Good story with a decent introduction to the series I have some predictions for the n

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R and must wrestle with the mysterious dark powers that he has been given Ardin must choose to sacrifice his own freedom and flee enemies that are not his own or allow events to unfold to the detriment of the planet Little does he know the part he will play in saving mankind from certain destructi. Cool Cool cool cool Good characters and really immersive reality

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Murdered by his own nation's army Striking out for revenge he finds himself thrust unwillingly into events that will change his world forever For reasons unknown to himself he is driven to save the Witch's beautiful daughter from the nations Magi and King of the Shades who would seek to destroy he. Reasonably strong story and characters Would really benefit from an editor