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The Otherworld alone to rescue a girl that nobody else will Will she make it back across ali. RECEIVED FROM The Publisher for ReviewNOTE MY REVIEWS OFTEN CONTAIN SPOILERSWe pick up with Eugenie Markham Freelance Shaman in Kiyo's hotel room When an Ice Elemental attacks the couple where they sleep Eugenie feels shocked and betrayed to see Kiyo jump into the fight as if it's something he does on a regular basis Just exactly who is the man she shared a night of passion withI'll repeat what I've said in my other reviews by stating I'm not the best reviewer choice for this book Maybe if I had all the comic books together to read at once the genre would appeal to me but reading them issue by issue doesn't give me enough of the story to get attached to itLike with the first issue I wouldn't recommend this for younger readers due to graphic scenes and nudity It's suited to adult readers of the genreMy first major issue with this piece was they changed the story between the end of issue one and beginning of issue two In Issue One she wakes up with Kiyo's hand on her mouth as if he's the one waking her for her own safety In Issue Two it's the same scene but she wakes up on her own because of the cold So the uestion is how exactly did she wake up I don't understand why they changed the scene or why they would expect readers not to noticeYou do get a little emotionally involved with Eugenie as a character in this issue however I'll admit I lost a little respect for her in the scenes where she's obsessing about a one night stand If you're the type to feel emotionally involved with a one night stand you aren't the type that should be having themAgain like with the other issue you don't receive a full story arc and you're just receiving the set up for a larger story Eugenie does make a decision on uestions asked in the previous issue but you don't really get to the action of that in this issueI think if you gave me all the issues together after publication in one piece where I'd get a beginning middle and end to the story instead of just small snatches of the story in issue then I might actually enjoy it However reading it as individual issue theres just not enough there for me to get involved as a reader By the time I start to care the issue is endingThis may really appeal to true fans of the genre but it just didn't appeal to me


Eugenie Markham is a freelance shaman guarding our world from the invasion of Otherworldly c. Fun and Fantastically Creative The characters develop in this 2nd issue as otherworldly creatures seek out Eugenie The mystery still remains of the how and why they know her name and Eugenie discovers her new found lover “KIYO” is than he appears and leaving you wonder what type of supernatural creature he is a long with many other unanswered uestions As the story builds the hooked I find myself as the mysterious and suspenseful cliff hanger left me wanting and now I am dying to get my hands on the next issue Pure Enjoyment Guarantee

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Reatures Those who try have The Dark Swan to contend with But Eugenie's about to cross into. 35 stars

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