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    Very well organized clear readable and informative guide to a process really need to incorporate think Facebook and Netflix and ComCast The why of crowdsourcing most important in my list is thoroughly demonstrated thank goodness and the examples are revealing Well written no padding and the examples are done so that as the social media scene changes new sources and uses can be found because the underlying reasons for and how tos of crowdsourcing are so well explained Unexpectedly good for end users those of us who do not crowdsource but would like to be crowdsourced since the book gives us the powerknow how to contribute to a better consumer experience

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The Complete Idiots Guide to Crowdsourcing

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Ients harness the incredible power of crowd think and crowd do to achieve goals as diverse as designing new products to test marketing services to fundraising In this guide she explains the theory and practice of crowdsourcing and actually show.

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Tap into the global talent poolCrowdsourcing leverages such social networking tools as Facebook and Twitter to tap into the power of many people to distribute one's work load or gain input Aliza Sherman crowdsourcing innovator has helped her cl.

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S readers how to use it A practical prescriptive guide for those who want to put the ideas in such books as The Wisdom of Crowds and Here Comes Everybody into action Step by step instructions Insightful anecdotes from the world of crowdsourcing.