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    Caught In Heat is the first book in Miranda Stowe's erotic paranormal shifters novella seriesI'll start by saying that from the moment I read the blurb I was curious and wanted to read Caught in Heat as it sounded exciting The heroine Riley is a young shifter on the brink of her first mating These are lust crazed periods where due to the hormones and pheromones the shifters are ruled by their animal basic instincts of nonstop mating As we soon learn this is a much serious matter than it sounds at first because besides the serious physical pain Riley is in after the mating fever reaches its peak she will go crazy with sexlust and mate with whatever she encounters and if she doesn't mate she'll die I found this aspect particularly poignant as we experience at the start of the story the raging battle Riley the human rational being tries to fight with her instincts She is terrified of what nature will reduce her to as she feels control slipping between her fingers She is horrified by the aspect of mopunting anything to relieve the pain and yeraning and what disgusts her is that she has absolutely no say in the matter after a certain point her body will take over and will do as it pleasesSo when she spots an attractive male in the forest she is relieved and hopeful that he can alleviate her pain and help her“Please” she whispered “Please I can’t take this any I’ll go mad Prolonged exposure to these hormones have killed some females and sent others insane Please help me” His heart broke Easing hesitantly forward he crouched down When her eyes slitted open she looked drained and half coherent He swallowed “How do I help?” “Fuck me” she rasped “Fuck me or kill me Please”Having witnessed his family being massacred by a werewolf pack Shaw has become a dedicated shifter hunter He encounters Riley in the forest fallen prey to one of his traps He soon realizes that she is a shifter and tries to see her as a disgusting and dangerous enemy but he can't fight his attraction to her He sees her humanity and her vulnaribility calls out to himAs soon as Shaw and Riley meet they combust The sex scenes were hot but as they were going at it nonstop it felt as if they were mindless sex craving bodies possessed by their lust at times it was as if they weren't even enjoying it but couldn't help themselves or stop their bodies and hormones from taking over I feared this fever would be dangerous to their health and seems I wasn't the only one concernedWhen he collapsed on top of her he mumbled into her hair “I should really pull out of you before we fuck ourselves to death This can’t be healthy”There was a suspense sub plot and the fight scene at the end was exciting I was biting my nails while holding my breathVerdict I thought Caught in Heat had a good premise but there could have been a few breaks between the numerous rounds of sex to give some breather to the characters I would have enjoyed if it were a longer storyPlot 710Characters 610Writing 710Ending 410 the solution would have been good but it was brought to resolution too uicklyCover 710 a bit too blue for my taste but the jaguar is a nice touchOverall I give it 35 stars

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    The prologue of this book sets the tone for an adventure packed erotic thriller The graphic and descriptive narrative of a family being attacked by a pack of shifters under the influence of “blood lust” is not for the faint of heartThe book itself begins with the main character and shifter Riley being caught by shape shifter hunter Shaw Their instant chemistry and sexual attraction is written so well it’s nearly palpable Where the development of the individual characters falls short carnal eroticism fills in the gaps One begins to wonder how the prologue will tie into the story nearly getting lost in all the sexual encounters between this female shifter in heat and her human mate but when Shaw is alerted that another trap has gone off the reader is whisked back into action as past and present transgressions collideThough Caught in Heat is an engaging read I hungered for plot and as referenced above character development leading up to the climax of the story That being said I would recommend this story to anyone who is looking for a uick read full of sexual heat

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    Whew I'm kinda wishing I had to go through heat Although I would definitely have to find a babysitter This was a super hot read I loved how conflicted the hero was and how he just couldn't help how he felt for her

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    A little bit of shapeshifting and A LOT of sex

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    Don't waste your money If this novella was free or 99 cents then maybe But 499 is outrageous for this crap Just saying

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    Miranda Stowe you rocked my world with this series

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Caught in Heat Half breed Shifters #1

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N and her fever begins consuming her with lust Determined to wipe out the entire shape shifting race after a wolf pack murdered his family Shaw snares his first shifter only to capture Riley beggi. The prologue o

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Fearful of how she’ll react during her first mating heat Riley Bane flees toward a sanctuary hoping to arrive before her fever hits But she’s caught in an animal trap set by hunter Shaw Griffi. Caught In Heat

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Ng him to fulfill every wicked desire pounding through her As things turn hot and heavy the scent of their mating attracts nearby shifters and soon brings Shaw’s monstrous past to their doorstep. Whew I'm kinda