• Paperback
  • 362
  • The Maze
  • Panos Karnezis
  • English
  • 05 January 2017
  • 9780099449959

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The Maze

Panos Karnezis ↠ 1 DOWNLOAD

All town up until now untouched by the war which is run by a simple minded mayor and is peopled by a gallery of wonderfully strange characters When the soldiers leave at last a tragedy has taken place and the town has changed foreve. A novel with a feeling of a short story The setting and the characters are well written such that I could immerse myself in the realm of the story The plot is uite unpredictable I didn't know where the story was going and ended up uite absurdly like those literature with existentialism flavor I tried not to read too much into the story and just accept it as it is Although it did indeed touch on themes like absurd realities of war morality and patriotism


Anatolia 1922 A retreating Greek brigade has lost its way Pursued by a Turkish army seeking vengeance for three years of Greek occupation and commanded by a brigadier with a passion for Greek mythology and an addiction to morphia th. I fell in love with this author after I reviewed his first book Little Infamies collection of stories But since on Serbian market short stories doesn't sell well I had to give up my wish to acuire the rights That was in 2004 And I am very pleased to see now that all his novels are translated into Serbian in recent years This is one of must read authors Srpski prevod je dobar trebate da se upoznate s ovim autorom


E brigade's only chance of salvation is to reach the Mediterranean coast and sail home As the army wanders through the Anatolian desert their internal divisions become pronounced and their dementias florid Eventually they reach a sm. A lost brigade of Greek soldiers led by a morphine addicted Brigadier is trying to find their way out of the desert in Asia Minor at the end of the war with the Turks It is 1922 the war is over the Greeks have surrendered and the brigade knows that if they encounter the enemy they will most likely be killed As they battle dust storms food shortages and a rash of thefts we begin to learn of their ill fated encounter in a small town earlier in the war and of some atrocities that took place there Are the soldiers doomed to suffer for their crimes is there some malevolent force at play or is their suffering simply the misfortunes of war Eastwards not too long ago that had been the direction of their advance For than two years the towns of the Asia Minor heartland had surrendered to the Expeditionary Corps one after anotherEnough of such thoughts Brigadier Nestor suddenly reprimanded himself He put his hand in his breast pocket to retrieve his compass instructed his orderly which direction to follow and at last gave the signal to marchSlowly the column started another day of blindfolded marching was beginning Brigadier Nestor's lorry led the way followed by the vehicles carrying the wounded othes with ammunition and food and those loaded with water Behind the motorcade the soldiers walked in silence at a funerary pace that had also something of the unsteadiness of a drunk returning home

About the Author: Panos Karnezis

Panos Karnezis was born in Greece in 1967 and came to England in 1992 He studied engineering and worked in industry then studied for an MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia His first book Little Infamies 2002 was a collection of connected short stories set in a nameless Greek village His second book The Maze 2004 a novel set in Anatolia in 1922 was shortlisted for t