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Legon Ascension Legon Series #2

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Join Legon and Sasha in the second book in the Legon series Mere weeks after the battle at the Precipice Legon and Sasha find themselves thrown into the world of being the heads. This is a wonderfu

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Of a great house Join them as they delve into a new world completely different from the one they grew up in and as they unravel an Iumenta plot that will shake everyone in the la. After really enjoy

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Nd Come along with Keither and Sara as they set out to makes lives for themselves This story spans land sea and air as our heroes fight to conuer evil and fulfill their destinies. I think that the a

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About the Author: Nicholas Taylor

I was born and raised in Denver Colorado I didn't want to write until October of 2007 While I was driving around with a friend and said hey I wonder if I can write a book So he thought he would try and write outline and see what happens I has written two books that are in podcast form and has over 80000 downloads on his podcasts Both of my books are out in ebook form with 8810 in paperb

10 thoughts on “Legon Ascension Legon Series #2

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    I am uite a fan of fantasy and fiction literature and I have read a lot of books on the topic I came upon Legon Awakening by looking at the free e books list It is way too similar to Eragon by Cristopher Paolini I read the first book in record time but couldn't find the difference between the two series ITS NOT SIMILAR ITS ALMOST THE SAME PLOT the same characters same thing Still I managed to finish the first book and bought Legon AscensionOn this book my pros are that it manages to somehow stand on its own from Eragon without being WAY TOO different Also that it shows an advance on every character in the series and it has everything from gore to drama comedy sadness and mystery Maybe too much goreSome people say that the sudden and constant change in the POV is distracting I actually like it Indeed I had to read some paragraphs twice to understand the change but still I enjoyed the different pespectivesWhat I liked the most about Legon Ascension was the ending Surprising and unexpected it really makes you want to read the third bookOn the cons well I will start by saying english is not my native language however I could find and dislike the typos and the lack of capitals the editing for both books was very poor Once you can go over that the story is okThe book starts exactly where the first one ends Could have been just one story It is also TOO descriptive to the point of annoyance because its very slow Unimportant details are taking a lot of space that could have been used to expand the actual plot I found terrible the way you can advance 3 years in one chapter and then be stuck 5 chapters on the same thingThe lack of coherence between the medieval fantasy thing with the modern day language is a problem Also I kept looking for a moment where I would feel real tense The characters seem to have everything perfect they get out of trouble really easy and always winning too good to be true The elves also seem beyond perfection for me they should also have flawsOverall its a good book but not AWESOME I could tell the author is not experienced and all so I hope third book improves

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    Excellentcomplex story and mini stories written with passion for characters that reader will sincerely care about The evil is real and ever present We are always pulled along into the next sub plot as to who will win and loss this conflictbattle Well I still haven't gotten over Kovos death in book one and now we end book two in a true hopeful cliffhanger of three main characters Oh yes I can't wait for the next e book cause I am s o o o hooked into their stories Oh I am sure Mr Taylor needs to uite is day job and continue on as an impressive independent e publisher who knows what he is doing Great stories at a far price make him my hero

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    This is a wonderful follow up to Nicolas Taylor's first book I was enthralled enchanted and enveloped in a beautiful tale of magic and love

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    So much fantasy writing is derivative of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings that it is refreshing to find writing in the genre that is original After the slow start in book one of this trilogy the writing picks up and so does the plot Humans it seems can transform into elves and elves can become dragons and return to elvan form Taylor’s elves are immortals leading to an extremely stable society but also one that doesn’t change Imagine discovering the lad of 25 across the table from you is 3000 years old For those such as myself unfamiliar with the tradition of fairies or elves the books play on the supposed elvan ability to make things grow and introduces us to buildings made of living wood and seamless boats that can draw sustainance from the ocean The warfare and violence inherent in the storyline make this an adult read The book suffers from repeated words awkward constructions and unclear wordings that mark writing that could use some judicious editing Proper spelling grammar and syntactical construction seem to be a thing of the past In the context of the novel the title leads one to assume that Legon will become a dragon but the author keeps us waiting the entire novel for the event

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    After really enjoying the first book in the series I was a little disappointed with this one There was still some interesting action y bits but I felt like the story was less cohesive This seemed like a transition book between a really good first book and what could be a really action packed third book Potential readers will also want to note that this book seemed to have a lot editing errors than book 1 which is disappointing as book 1 was a kindle free download and you actually have to pay for this one It wasn't bad enough that it really hindered the experience for me but that really bothers some people All of that being said I found it to be an enjoyable read and think some bits were uite funny I do plan on reading any subseuent books

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    a Vary good read If you have not read these you need to I can't say enough good things about this series It's vary well written And I Loved watching all the relationships Develop There was action adventure And I must say My favorite is the dragons I mean come on who would not love Ise The bright Pink dragon I can not wait for the next one The only thing I will say is Cliff hanger And I'm Dieing for the next one

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    I borrowed this book through Lendle I did not like this book as much as the first I thought it was much slower The battle that the whole book is leading up to begins at 90% It looks to be leading up to an epic next in the series but the build up was long and drawn out The most frustrating part of the book though was all of the typos The author really needs to update the ebook after having an editor go through it with a fine tooth comb

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    I think that the author missed an opportunity in both the second and the third book to give Keither a important role I was disappointed by how much foolishness the characters engaged in in terms of behaving unwise and also disappointed with giving leg on so much credit for everything rather than having other people make various decisions and advancements

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    The story is pretty good but the writing is sub par and the editing is atrocious I cannot in good conscience recommend the entire series because of the severity of these faults much less this book itself

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    Still many problems hence the 3 stars instead of 4 spelling grammar missing words awkward sentencesand so on and so forth Better than the 1st book though Glad I kept reading this seriesNB You might want to have book 3 close by yes There's a cliffhanger

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