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A Peccatis

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Army and the Year of Darkness and Sluagh Spoilers for the entire DAYDverse.

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Fandom Harry Potter How much can we allow the sins of the past to shape the.

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Future The third and final novel of the DAYD trilogy seuel to Dumbledore's.

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    Well I've finally finished my commitment to read the trilogy This instalment isn't finished so the comments for this only are relevant up to the thirteenth chapter As per usual my complaints about the original work still stand but there are a few new ones Spoilers abound It bothered me in the past stories when people especially almost exclusively the girls were described as 'maternal' Well it's returned with an almighty vengeance after dipping off a bit in Sluagh It happened so many times I thought my head was going to pop Especially egregious were instances where a toddler is described as being maternal particularly with regards to her infant brother this might just be my experiences with toddlers but I have never met a 'maternal' one in my life This time there's also a few instances of 'paternal' but it's usually also in weird contexts that don't fit the characters Aberforth and Harry come to mind I love both but I wouldn't describe either as paternal unless Harry's referring to or with his kids Once again since it hasn't sunk through yet HARRY AND NEVILLE HAD ALWAYS BEEN FRIENDS They have a scene in this story where Harry and Neville agreeing to be friends is supposed to be a heartwarming and touching moment but all it does is make me roll my eyes because yes yes they were already friends can we move this along? Dumbledore was hardly an emotionless chess master He did for all his faults actually like Harry as a person and want him to be happy That was partially why he had a hard time being honest about painful topics because he wanted Harry to be happy Nah throw out the shreds of humanity that's much less dramatic and complex than a chess master emotionlessly playing out games on a board Although Neville often speaks like his friends are chess pieces to him so maybe he's just projecting here So much police misconduct Not just police brutality Ron viciously beats a drug dealer who is not a current threat but also refusing to arrest friends for crimes they've committed Yep that chestnut from Sluagh is back and makes it far too clear Seamus was not a one off in that instance It's one thing to try to get a friend a doctor instead of jail for drug addiction and I won't judge Neville too harshly for that though I WILL judge Susan for it mercilessly what Mrs Moneybags is so rich and connected she can hand out money like its candy and house and feed over thirty house guests indefinitely but she can't hook a friend up with a good pain specialist? However I will judge Neville for planning to not report Luna for drug dealing he changes his mind and tells Harry but STILL and then Harry refusing to even put Hermione as a suspect even while evidence mounts against her Which brings me to my next point Neither Hermione nor Harry is UITE that stubborn Harry probably wouldn't enjoy it but if there was that much evidence against her Harry would probably at least uestion her And if there were that much evidence against her Hermione would probably answer those uestions if nothing else than to establish her alibi and get suspicion off her Back to police misconduct for a minute when Hermione is finally arrested it's when she's completely unconscious or barely waking up and probably can't understand the police caution That seemsunethical Very much unethical Zacharias Smith also mentions that he can unilaterally remove the head of the Magical Law Enforcement department from office because he's second in command I'm not in law enforcement but that does not sound right and it sounds like it has a lot of potential for abuse Why does everyone keep bringing up their houses?? They've been graduated for ten or nearly ten years Nobody should care any The story keeps conflating Neville's mentally disabled parents with his toddlers and it is nothing short of infuriating Mentally disabled people are not children They have very different needs than the average adult but they are still not toddlers and it's particularly gross to read Neville treating them that way One of the bright sides of this story is that it's very dialogue heavy and so a much lighter read than the other two stories Unfortunately this also bogs the story down and the pacing is at an all time crawl It also starts to get very repetitive when the sixth victim has been murdered after a letter and the police still haven't got the slightest lead yet The chapters desperately needed to be further split up If I'm going to read a 150 page chapter it better be a good one This was not For all the story likes to harp on the injuries and disabilities and trauma and addictions that the DA are going through as survivors there sure don't seem to be a ton of negative conseuences like being unable to be good parents or even being abusive parents Because that surely doesn't happen with traumatized veterans ever And of course both teen parents really they were 18 and 19 when their kids were born but the story calls them teen parents are responsible mature parents who never resent having kids so young and losing opportunities or having to figure out how to parent that young I hate Susan and Seamus so much it's not funny I think we're supposed to think they're cool and dangerous but I'm awaiting the day Susan and Seamus are dragged to Azkaban in chains Susan for bribing and blackmailing lawmakers she also mentions they all owe her favours though that's not illegal and Seamus for violating his imprisonment which he can apparently leave whenever he wants since he married Susan who hasn't so much as provided him a number for a decent therapist so all that howling over how he needs help not jail in Sluagh has been revealed as nothing than a tantrum so so much for those piddly conseuences In fact that's what I like to imagine will happen Seamus also clearly hasn't learned the value of human life yet his first instinct is to plan to murder Hermione in front of her grieving loved ones if she's possessed notyou know an exorcism He gets angry when Neville suggests one too Such a winner They also bug a friend's shoe for information from the Auror office There are no conseuences for this action and apparently just asking their friend didn't occur to them nor did the idea that the details of a serial killer investigation might have very good reasons to be kept uiet The low point for me is when Susan demands to be an undercover agent in said investigation despite the fact she knows absolutely nothing about police investigations and plans to use the fact Harry owes her because she let his wife have their baby in her bed Well for one no she didn't 'let' Ginny give birth there They were hiding her out there and her water broke What was the alternative let her labour on the spot? For another it is absolutely disgusting to treat something Susan did under those circumstances of her own free will nobody asked her as some sort of favour she did I wish Harry had said 'Absolutely not and you're under arrest for bugging an officer of the law' There's a really weird diatribe when the baby is born about how women have had babies without hospitals for most of history This is true but the rates of those babies and parent dying was also much higher I'm not going to say anything morality wise about people who choose to have a baby at home but there's good reason to be concerned about a friend who recently gave birth in a friend's bed without anyone trained in diagnosing and managing complications in case the worst happened a Doula is not a midwife although this story says they are and just having children does not make one an authority on childbirth and health during it Even if a doula were a midwife many midwives in the UK have received sub standard education in managing complications meaning there's still good reason for Harry to be worried when Susan tells him his wife had to labour in Susan's bed Nobody knew that the Killing Curse could be survived but really the chess master Dumbledore didn't consider a contingency if Voldemort showed up earlier than expected? I call foul The Killing Curse cannot graze a person and ricochets don't work like that You either get hit and die or you don't and live That's why Harry's the only one who's survived a Killing Curse Ron and Hermione do have communication problems she's very critical and Ron is defensive because of low self esteem But they've never shown the sort of trust problems this fic portrays Ron sneaks through her pockets and accuses her of cheating on him with Blaise Zabini who apparently asked her out in Hogwarts despite Blaise being a known Pureblood Supremacist who would never ask a Muggle born out They also don't tend to insult each other's careers or goals unless it was SPEW which Ron eventually got on board with the cause It's especially weird since Ron's not doing nothing he's staying home with the kids Apparently Ron also doesn't feel good enough for Hermione whichis a thing he's dealt with I realize that doesn't just go away but Ron's made a lot of progress there that the story doesn't acknowledge Sirius was apparently blasted off the family tree for having an illegitimate son with a Muggle woman who apparently never manifested magic but is still on the Wizengamot using it apparently Not you know refusing to tow the family line and ignoring their death eater ideas in favour of friendship and joining the Order Arthur Weasley and Hagrid are both mentioned as alive in 2017 so I dunno why they're dead here Maybe the story would have back peddled again Who knows? As for Unification vs Separatism There's a few problems A The Wizarding World is small but I don't think it's that small it's mentioned as 100 000 And the Muggle borns apparently largely didn't come back after Voldemort which isn't very common a lot of people when they're thrown out still want to go home And frankly it would not be that simple to 'go muggle' after hogwarts Hogwarts doesn't exactly provide a normal high school education B The Wizarding World is NOT as the story asserts behind on minority and women's rights They've had witches as heads of state and fighting and educating for a long time before most Muggle societies did They have an old fashioned aesthetic but they are not old fashioned in the sense of women's rights Civil rights yes sometimes Sirius being sentenced without trial for one thing But general women and minority rights? No This story wasn't good but it was a fast read and I am free so I don't have to care any And thank god for that

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    Still waiting for him to finish it