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Madison House A Novel

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Peter Donahue’s debut novel Madison House chronicles turn of the century Seattle’s explosive transformation from frontier outpost to major metropolis Maddie Ingram owner of Madison House and her uirky and endearing boarders find their lives inextricably linked when t. I'm not a reader of historical fiction but I uite enjoyed this story with its broad arc and strong female lead Thanks to the little free library I found it in

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He city decides to re grade Denny Hill and the fate of Madison House hangs in the balance Clyde Hunssler Maddie’s albino handyman and furtive love interest; James Colter a muckraking black journalist who owns and publishes the Seattle Sentry newspaper; and Chiridah Sim. I can't recommend this book to anyone except hardcore Seattle history buffs The only reason I didn't uit halfway through was because of an interest in Seattle history but I could have sated that interest in a far efficient manner by choosing non fiction Mainly the characters felt one dimensional Though the author imbued them with backstories and some inner motivation I rarely felt moved by the progress of their lives I even skipped most of the Alaska gold rush back story as it didn't seem relevant and it slimmed a 500 page novel to about 440 pages I did learn about the regrading of Denny hill and other aspects of Seattle at the turn of the century but there are surely better reads for that

Free download Ø PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¶ Peter Donahue

Pson an aspiring stage actress forced into prostitution and morphine addiction while working in the city’s corrupt vaudeville theater all call Madison House home Had EL Doctorow and Charles Dickens met on the streets of Seattle they couldn’t have created a better boo. Fascinating history i've lived near and loved Seattle all my life I knew little about the regrades and found that well documented in this book The characters were not fully realized and seriously annoying sometimes the worrying yikes but I did finish it and even though it was overlong I left wanting to look up history especially photos of the changes so I thank the author for that

  • Paperback
  • 528
  • Madison House A Novel
  • Peter Donahue
  • English
  • 04 October 2019
  • 9780976631101