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G she wakes up a completely chocolate girl How is she going to become an un chocolate girl Full colo. Her health teacher warns her “You are what you eat” But Tina loves chocolate so much she doesn’t care One morning Tina wakes up made of chocolate

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Tina's health teacher is always admonishing her students You are what you eat But all Tina likes to. This is such a fun story about Chocolatina and her adventure Her health teacher Mrs Ferdman is uite the character She constantly tells the children in her class You are what you eat Unfortunate for TIna she loves chocolate so much that one night before her sleep she wished to be chocolate Sure enough she had to go to school the next day and face becoming what she eats in front of all of her classmates and Mrs Ferdman I think that a very interesting tone to this story was the irony imbedded in it Since the teacher goes around telling her children in the nutrition class that they are what they eat it was ironic that Chocolatina actually turned into the food that she loves to eat Then her nutrition teacher happens to LOVE chocolate too And finally as the story ends and the last page is shown the teacher is chocolate herself There were a lot of fun moments in this book which could turn into something humorous for the children reading it I think that's why I enjoyed this book so much was because it was uniue in the irony Another thing that we talked about in class after reading this book was the genre of the book I never thought that it could of course just be a dream that Chocolatina had when she turned into chocolate This story could easily be realistic fiction It is much realistic to picture that Tina went to bed one night and dreamed that she turned into chocolate her teacher trying to take a bite of her and then getting fired This would be a good book to read to children in the classroom and have them try to think about what might have really happened to Tina in the story

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