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Ers as they negotiate the intellectual cultural and social hurdles that stand between them and the “Acceptance World”. The detachment of the narrator really comes out in this volume of A Dance to the Music of Time Early on in a reported conversation there is reference to Nick's wife being in a nursing home and eventually it turns out she has had a miscarriage For all the concern he has you would think she had lost a pencil or something eually unimportant Another character and his wife have a child who lives for only a few hours Again it creates barely a rippleIt's brilliantly done but curiously bloodless The British stiff upper lip at its best I suppose And of course the period is the late 1930s when it didn't do to get emotional about such things

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A Dance to the Music of Time – his brilliant 12 novel seuence which chronicles the lives of over three hundred characte. Anthony Powell is not the first writer to compare marriage to a state of war He is nevertheless in a class of his own as he goes about pleading his case Book five of his Dance seuence is centered around the study of several couples in the years leading to the World War Two As he did in the previous novels Powell starts with a reminiscence a memory trigger for Nick Jenkins to take a look back at the defining events of his younger pre war years In the present case we have a double exposure a place and a song The place is the bombed out shell of a bar where he used to meet with his friend Moreland a new character introduced now who is a composer and a conductor and who expands the artistic scope of the series from paintings and literature to music The song is a haunting popular tune from the 1930's called Kashmiri Love Song a reference that can only be appreciated at its true value in retrospect looking back from the future at the desolate landscape left behind by the passing of Love Pale hands I loved beside the ShalimarWhere are you now Who lies beneath your spell and A direct hit had excised even the ground floor so that the basement was revealed as a sunken garden or site of arheological excavation long abandoned where great sprays of willow herb and ragwort flowered through the cracked paving stones; only a few broken milk bottles and a laceless boot recalling contemporary life In the midst of this sombre grotto five or six steps had withstood the explosion and formed a projecting island of masonry on the summit of which rose the door Walls on both sides were shrunk away but along its lintel in niggling copybook handwriting could still be distinguished the word 'Ladies' 'Cherchez la femme' should be the alternate title of the book After such an ominous debut I was not surprised that the whole fifth novel has a darker bleaker tonality than the party atmosphere and the almost burlesue mishaps in courting described in the visits to Lady Molly's salon Like its narrator Nick Jenkins the Dance enters into a mature deliberate and pragmatical phase discarding some of its youthfull enthusiasm for a gain in sobriety and depthA minor disappointment for me is the step back taken by Nick Jenkins after what is probably the biggest decision so far in his life getting married to Isobel Tolland I notice now Nick is back to his old role of passive observer of the events going on around him hardly even participating in the conversations with his friends His eye has become keener and his pen sharper but his personality is turning in my opinion and introverted Readers who had hopes of finding out about his married life will also be disappointed but maybe not surprised by his coyness and reluctance to spill out the goods even as he seems to be an avid consumer of other people's domestic tragi comedies Nick does make a good argument for his discretion but I still feel the author could have been open about his own marriage A future marriage or a past one may be investigated and explained in terms of writing by one of its parties but it is doubtful whether an existing marriage can ever be described directly in the first person and convey a sense of reality Even those writers who suggest some of the substance of married life best stylise heavily losing the subtlety of the relationship at the price of a few accurately recorded but isolated aspects To think at all objectively about one's own marriage is impossible while a balanced view of other people's marriage is almost eually hard to achieve with so much information available so little to be believed Objectivity is not of course everything in writing; but even after one has cast objectivity aside the difficulties of presenting marriage are inordinate Its forms are at once so varied yet so constant providing a kaleidoscope the colours of which are always changing always the same The moods of a love affair the contradictions of friendship the jealousy of business partners the fellow feeling of opposed commanders in total war these are all in their way to be charted Marriage partaking of such and a thousand dual antagonisms and participations finally defies definition Keeping an open mind is for Nick and by implication for Powell the most important uality in a writer Observe but don't judge learn something new every day but never believe you have found the ultimate answer to all Life's uestions especially where Women and emotions are involved Do you remember that night at Casanova's Chinese Restaurant years ago We talked about seducers and Don Juan and that sort of thing The painter Barnby was there I believe you were with us too weren't you Jenkins view spoiler Do you remember when he talked of suicide in Casanova's hide spoiler

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Rs is a uniue evocation of life in twentieth century EnglandThe novels follow Nicholas Jenkins Kenneth Widmerpool and oth. It is doubtful whether an existing marriage can ever be described in the first person and convey a sense of reality To think at all objectively about one’s own marriage is impossible Well I read the trilogy Spring in 2012Then I read the first book of Summer in February of 2015Now over a year later I’ve read the fifth of Powell’s 12 novelsAnd I’m aiming to read the rest of them before the year is out or if you preferTakes place first chapter 1933 reminiscences of 1928 9; rest of book during the Spanish Civil War 1936 7Jenkins is 30 years old in most of the book and married to Isobel TollandBook published 1960 Anthony Powell was in his mid 50sMain characters view spoilerbold appear in the very first novel hide spoiler

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About the Author: Anthony Powell

Anthony Dymoke Powell CH CBE was an English novelist best known for his twelve volume work A Dance to the Music of Time published between 1951 and 1975Powell's major work has remained in print continuously and has been the subject of TV and radio dramatisations In 2008 The Times newspaper named Powell among their list of The 50 greatest British writers since 1945

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