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The Spartacus Prophecy

CHARACTERS The Spartacus Prophecy

No body of the gladiator was ever found The story covers an epic journey of one man’s struggle against oppression Spanning.


The real life of Spartacus was far complex than Hollywood would have you believe There really was a Spartacus a prophecy and.

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Two continents the fight flight love and betrayal across the ancient landscapes form the backdrop to this compelling thriller.

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  • The Spartacus Prophecy
  • R.D. Le Coeur
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  • 09 October 2019
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About the Author: R.D. Le Coeur

Roy was educated at Lucton public school and groomed for a life out in the British Empire possibly as a minor official probably somewhere hot Unfortunately by the time he graduated the British Empire had expired twenty years prior and no one had told the teachers Roy is happily divorced and lives with his two boys and a pedigree Dalmatian in South Wales UK He has always had a passion for lite

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    I don't even want to give it one star but Goodreads' builders insist I doWhen the word Spartacus appears in the title of a book you expect to seeread certain things epic battles backstabbing and barbaric heroism RD LeCoeur gives us Spartacus playing house The first few pages were interesting enough We see Spartacus attacking a group of Romans but failing in the end to reach Marcus Crassus their military leader The Rebel leader is whisked away by boat and pirate comrades to live to fight another day but Spartacus knows it will never happen again that he challenge Rome's might Instead he gathers a group of slaves most with a terribly long and boring background story and heads to Africa to start a new peaceful life without slavery AH so niceand boring Really From the part on the boat on Spartacus does little but play house and without a single Roman chasing him the only antagonist I see is a curious pirateslaver he does so with little effort or resistance Many times I considered putting the book down unread but thought it has to get better It didn't Don't bother reading this book unless you intend on inviting Spartacus to your next uilting bee

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