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A bright beautiful teenager popular with her peers Grace lived a perfectly ordered ordinary life Until one day aged 18 she went on a diet That didn’t stop Then couldn’t stop That trapped her in ‘a secret world of eating related happiness and unhappiness’ And saw her weight swiftly drop to below six stone A grippingly honest account of life with anorexia nervosa Thin is Grace’s heartbreaking shocking and finally inspirational story A memoir that is in part insider’s exp. I thought this boo

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Osé and in part survivor’s testimony it explains the struggle for self discovery and chronicles the devastating battles waged for control over mind and body Breaking secrets Grace shatters the myths surrounding this widely misunderstood illness helping those bound within the rules of anorexia to find a way out and those on the outside to understand Thin also has resonance beyond the world of eating disorders For in daring to tell the truth Grace reveals her extraordinary story. This was one of th

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To be a common one reflected in the shape of many of our lives She draws on the universal themes of female self image and self determination which have inspired such classics as The Bell Jar and A Room of One’s Own to shatter the myths surrounding anorexia And the powerful insights she brings to overcoming addiction make this an invaluable narrative for all those looking to find hope and renewal in the acceptance of change and growthThin is the most elouent account of anorexia y. I won't lie I pret

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    I'm probably not the right target group for this book or rather I'm too right for it but I read it anywayThin is the account of the authorÄs anorexia and her recovery from anorexia It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be it wasn't as triggering as I had been led to believe it would beI found it very surprising that Bowman as she tells it slithered into anorexia unaware not knowing what or why this was happening to her not understanding why she suddenly wasn't able to eat any Is that what it is like for other people? What about that conscious decision you make every day not to eat what about the influence it has on your life the way you try to wind your way out of social events in order to not have to eat to not have to resist the tempation What about the constant weighing the control clothes the endless sessions in front of a mirror What about the self hate and the self disgust? And the incredible high that hunger will give you?Does that sound like I know what I'm talking about? Yes maybe I do Maybe I don't Maybe I will never fully understand or maybe I will understand too well for the rest of my lifeAnyway I expected something completely different and it's probably a good thing that I didn't get itWhat I did get was the understanding that this sickness is different for everyone Bowman may be typical in many ways with her eagerness to please with her biggest worry about her sickness being the fact that it would worry her parents But don't let that fool you Anorexia is a tricky beast and not everyone goes through it as easily as Bowman seemingly did And I want in no way deny her obvious illness and suffering by saying that It's just sotypical Teenager eager to play by the rules never rebellious finding that weight is the one thing one has control over without anyone else's saying not understanding at first misdiagnosis by doctors then therapy and finally discovery It's textbookAnd anorexia is not textbook But like I said in the beginning I may not be the right person to ask I'm certainly not the most objective person to askTherefore I will neither recommend nor not recommend this book Read it at your own risk It won't harm you probably

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    I thought this book written by an anorexic girl would be sensationalist and gossipy and I'd last one chapter It was the opposite It was very honest very down to earth and written by someone who can put across her thoughts and feelings very touchingly and in a way that draws you into her world and her mindset Anyone who wants to understand the power of a mental illness needs to read this The parallels with other mental diseases are frightening It is also very much there but for the grace go I Her unhealthy attitude towards food is experienced in some way or form by such a huge percentage of women There were so many times when I could see into a mirror it was uite shocking Wow what a book I feel I now have such an understanding of anorexia albeit from an outsiders point of viewA must read

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    In this book we meet Grace the author as she takes us through her past to present story of her life with anorexia and all the stages she went through with itFrom losing boyfriends and friends to losing control over her life as good became the main focus of her life and things like socialising and enjoying university became mixed up with varying emotions over her battle with food We see what a toll or took on her parents as they watched her lose weight and regained too as well as when she finally managed to get to university and break free into the world on her own with a proper graduation job and finding her new loveGrace's story is one that is honest and raw with all emotions splayed out page by page in her effectively captivating writing It was a truly brutal battle and a hard one Grace pushed to try and overcome but I was truly blown away by her account of becoming herself again after losing her way

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    Anorexia nervosa A disorder where young females give up food and virtually persist on water and air to the point of becoming skin and bones This disease has fascinated me from the time I came to know of it during my MBBS course So I started this book with great enthusiasm just to know how it feels to be an anorexic fortunately or unfortunately I love my victuals But the narrative was so disjointed and drabthat I was forced to give it up at 30% Or perhaps I was a bit distracted to imbibe the knowledge I have given it up possibly may take it up in future but mostly not

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    I'm glad Bowman put her story out there and could be vulnerable to an audience I hope she helped someone out there who needed to hear her story but for me the storytelling and the craftsmanship behind the writing was very weak and not compelling Sure one can argue that it is an autobiography and maybe it was not supposed to be compelling but I disagree Reading is a form of entertainment and even if you are putting out a difficult subject matter it is still important to keep the reader engaged in which case I was not I also did not like the third person POV and thought the story would be told so much better if it was a first person narrative Additionally I did not gain anything while reading this and therefore I must rate it low

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    This was one of those books that I had been putting of reading for a long time due to the fact that I was constantly told how triggering it was And people had not lied to me The first half of the book is very triggering and in some ways it seems to be promoting anorexia than trying to show the horrors of this But I think this all depends on the person that is reading it For example being someone who is still recovering my her eating disorder I read it through the eyes of my anorexia and bulimia instead of through the eyes of charlotte which meant I saw tips and rules on what I should be doing However the author herself is just being very open and honest with her words she is simply showing the reader her story and is not beating around the bush by hiding all the grusome truths and detailsI like the fact that the author has been completely honest with her writing because I think that this is one of those books that parents and carers ought to read in order to understand what it is that there child or even friend is going through It shows the mental thought processes battling the emotional and physical ones So in many ways the book reveals all the aspects of an eating disorder and shows just how destructive to a persons life it is I found the book to be very hard to read in many places merely because I did not want to see the truth but also because it was triggering me in some senses but in other senses it was giving me hope to another lifeI felt that the author has been very brave with her words here and I actually find myself commending her for what she did She did not get the inpatient or day patient help that I have gotten instead she decided to go it alone She just changed her mind even though she was never fully in control I think the thing that is most negative about this book though is the fact that she mentions weight and at one point actually calls nine stone the nasty nine stone this of course automatically made me feel like utter crap because all I could think now was that nine stone must be a dreadful weight to be at and so I should therefore loose the half a stone that I haved gained to make me over nine stone and then some I think that there is a lot of positives but negatives to this book and it depends on how strong you are feeling when you go to read it

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    I won't lie I pretty much skimmed the last 10 pages Bowman tried to tell her story in a disconnected way which would reflect the chaos of the disordered mind and hopefully not trigger others Mostly all it did was annoy and make the book uncomfortable to read not because of what she was confessing or her life just the way it was written I may also be slightly jealous of her holier than thou attitude to recovery this is my theory to make myself feel better for really hating this book I just decided to recover and I did Anorexia just lost it's appeal well Ms Bowman that makes it seem like a choice and you spent several pages trying to convince us it was a mental illness And you didn't just recover on your own you still had whitecoats to help you You just made the decision to GET better and let people help no matter how you resisted which as we both know is the disorder resisting than you yourselfIn the last 40ish pages the book seemed to take a turn for the better as Bowman begins to describe the journey through recovery behaviours and thoughts which are both relateable and would enable friends and family of disordered people to better understand however few would make it through the first 200 pages of the book and the last couple of sections really let it downTo put it simply If you are disordered and looking for a recovery memoir to inspire you and help push you through? this is not it If you are a friend or family member of someone who is disordered and trying to gain understanding there are better books out thereJust don't botherAll that said I am really happy for Grace recovering and hope that she lives a healthy and happy life

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    I read a few reviews of this book before I started to read it A lot of people mentioned the moving between a first and third person narrative; I thought it would bother me but it didn't I think using the third person narrative was a very interesting tool especially for a book about an eating disorder because the way you think about yourself is in the third person things do become confusing and fast paced and Grace manages to get that across very very well in this book You can really experience the mania of the inside thoughts versus the outside words but I can easily see how someone who has never experienced this become very confused by itI think this story is a lot about the recovery rather than the actual time as an anorexic It surprised me that Grace appeared to only be underweight for a period of less than a year and personally I felt that it made her story harder to relate to As someone who's suffered from depression and uite a serious negative body image for years and years I find it very strange to believe that one day she just 'decided' to get better In no way am I belittling her suffering it just didn't make sense in my head but that doesn't really relate to the bookThe book really fizzled out towards the end and although that's true of recovery I think as a book it could've easily been 50 pages shorter at least I even left the last 10 pages By the end it was very repetitive and not that interesting but other than that I thought it was a good book

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    I’ve seen this book around for a few years now and I’ve wanted to read it for a while as I’m very interested in all books to do with anorexia I finally brought this the other week and read it soon after and I was really impressed This is a memoir by Grace Bowman who developed anorexia nervosa at the age of 18 Grace was a pretty popular 18 year old who decided to go on a diet before heading off to university She starts the diet and finds that she doesn’t want to stop and then can’t stop and soon drops to just under 6 stone without really understanding how or why it’s happened and why she can’t seem to eat As the story goes on you find out what Grace believes lead to her anorexia and you get to follow her recovery out of this self destructive illness This was an honest moving memoir that I would recommend to anyone going through this illness or to anyone who just wants to understand I found myself tearing up a few times and cheering Grace on as she started her tricky first steps to recovery A brilliant emotional read with a hopeful ending and powerful message 4 stars

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    I enjoy reading memoirs about screwed up or famous people or both so I bought this for my KindleIt started out ok The writing and some of the terminology is very british and that took some getting used to but it was fine What wasn't fine was how preachy and self indulgent the author is I really hate how some memoirs turn into self help books and this one does just that But I will give her credit for the parts that were of a narrative; they were interesting The end was anticlimatic which was good for her in her life but boring for her readerI don't know about this author If she publishes something else it would depend on what it is before I read it

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