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Bed Author Tao Lin

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College students recent graduates and their parents work at Denny's volunteer at a public library in suburban Florida attend satanic skapunk concerts eat Chinese food I think I've reached my threshold with hipster lit I optimistically continue to read books about people my age in New York and in this case Florida who are miserable but it never resonates in any sort of way that I feel is particularly literary useful or interesting I am likely missing huge symbolic meaning there were a number of recurring themes and objects including toy poodles but overall it felt like faux depth As I finished up I thought to myself this guy would get along swimmingly with Miranda July they have the exact same voice except he's less funny And lo and behold when turned the book over to read the accolades from various authors she was one of them

Free download Å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ä Tao Lin

With the homeless of New York City and go to the same Japanese restaurant in Manhattan three times in two sleepless days all while yearning constantly for love a bette I like this book I can read this book in any mood and enjoy it I think The words all have meaning that my brain can process After I read the words I feel emotions Each sentence makes me feel emotion I will read this again later on and probably times later on

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R kind of love or something better than love things which much like the Lock Ness Monster they know probably do not exist but are rud to exist and therefore good enoug Oh my lord this book sucks What a useless pretentious waste of time

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