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Rts Proud lucidly demonstrates that many sleep paralysis experiences involve genuine contact and communication with incorporeal entities some of them parasitic and potentially dangerous In this comprehensive open minded exploration of the sleep paralysis phenomenon filled with fascinating descriptions of his own experiences as well as those of others no stone is left unturned as Proud attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery “Louis Proud has demonstrated with this book that he is one of the most acute commentators on the paranormal to appear in recent years It gives me immense.

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Since his late teens Louis Proud has suffered from chronic sleep paralysis and has undergone hundreds of such episodes many of them terrifying but ultimately transformational and eye opening These experiences he believes allow access to the “spirit realm” and could well hold the key to a whole host of paranormal phenomena including poltergeist disturbances out of body experiences mediumship spirit possession and succubi and incubi encounters Drawing on the work of Colin Wilson Joe Fisher Stan Gooch Whitley Strieber Robert Monroe Dion Fortune and a number of other paranormal expe.

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Pleasure to be allowed to introduce a writer who will I suspect become widely admired for his enviable brilliance and clarity” Colin Wilson author of The Occult“This insider's account of his own sleep paralysis experiences in detail is of great value Then for that insider to knowledgeably place the experience in the broad paranormal context is uniue It provides a badly needed view of the culturalinterpretive framework that this experience naturally suggests Louis Proud has been bold and thoughtful in providing this” David Hufford PhD author of The Terror That Comes in the Nig.

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