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Dragon's Gift Complete Series: An Urban Fantasy Boxed Set

SUMMARY Dragon's Gift Complete Series: An Urban Fantasy Boxed Set

Other supernaturals But it doesn't come without a price stealing powers reuires that she kill and others would destroy her if they discover what she is In a world full of magic hiding her powers is the only way to survive Finding magical artifacts is the only way to pay the bills But it's a dangerous job when you can't use your magic When Aidan Merrick the most powerful shifter in the city hires her to find an ancient scroll she doesn't want to take the job Hi I couldn’t stop reading this set The characters are so well written and the ad

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Join the adventure in this well loved series The boxed set includes all five books the complete set Ancient Magic Cass Clereaux is good at two things finding treasure and killing demons Lying low is a close third but not because she wants to be good at hiding Cass is a FireSoul one of the unlucky few to inherit a piece of the dragon's soul On the surface the perks are sweet she has the power to find and steal any type of magical treasure including the powers of I used Kindle unlimited to read volume one of this set I then purchased the set T

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S immense amount of power reminds her of too much of murky memories from a past she can't remember But she has no choice The scroll will reveal what she is And if anyone finds out she's dead The boxed set includes fourbooks Mirror Mage Stolen Magic Eternal Magic Infinite Magic that follow Cass as she battles demons from her past and tries to keep the world from going down the toilet Ancient Magic features kick butt heroines a hot hero and otherworldly adventure I really enjoyed this series I read all these books in about a week I've since lo

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    I used Kindle unlimited to read volume one of this set I then purchased the set The main character , Cass, is likeable, heroic, and loyal to the people she loves She tries to keep under the radar and not hurt others but is willing to use as much force as necessary to protect herself and her family/friends The world it is set in mirrors our own including unfounded prejudices against different races She and the villain are both members of the same downtrodden race She just wants to be left alone He wants power over all There is some foul language but no worse than high school There is violence but they are in the middle of a covert war If you like Andre Norton ' Witch World series or Kim Harrison, or Patricia Briggs I think you will like this series I would give this set to any fantasy lover.

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    I've literally ready 100s of books I might be into the 200s From Sci Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller I've read books so fast they were like oxygen and when they're over you feel like something is missing in your life I've also stopped mid way and I've even stopped mid sequal I bought the 4 pack of Dragon's gift and glad I did 1 book would have been a joke I think I read it in 8 hours It took me about 2 weeks to read all 4 It wasn't a book where I read it like it was my next breath, maybe like my next meal It kept me interested and kept me going I'm 38 and think a younger reader might enjoy this There's no hot sex scenes and the heroins 'wait until she's ready' to 'do the deed' It is defiantly directed at younger readers But I still found the story entertaining Pros: I like the hero & heroin I like mythical creatures like dragonettes and deamons I like magic and romance intriguing enough story and characters Cons: Too much of Raiders of the Lost Arc feel, in every book they have to raid an ancient burial of sorts and something ALWAYS comes alive A bit cliché and boring Every book kind of follows the same outline (starts off in a tomb fight deamons conflict occurs fights statues meets up with main enemy powers through but doesn't win sets up next book) Like I said the story kept me going and it was interesting enough to keep me reading Take it as you will.

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    Great new series for me You'll often see the idea of being the worst kind of supernatural there is, in modern urban fantasy The idea itself isn't new; everyone knows the main character needs to have something to go up against in life A systematic hate on by the rest of the world, and all it's governing organizations, is a good way to start But what this book, and series, were able to do was bring their own breath of life into it.Dragon Souls in mortal bodies, what could be amazing, and dangerous? I find the idea of these women to be so intriguing All magic originates with the Dragons, and the dragons have human descendants Descendants that can steal back the magic from those who received it later on It's violent and poignant and wonderful The way Cass and her sisters, hold on to humanity while being so far above it, in other aspects, gives you such an interesting ride

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    If you are looking for books filled with action and fantasy fun then I recommend you give this series a go This is Cas's Story but other characters stories are told after this series making it easy to know that the story doesn't end just yet.These books kept me entertained at all times and I was completely into them in all ways possible This world Is filled with shapeshifters, witches and other paranormals as well Never a dull moment in this series What's better is every book is named after an actual event that happens in the book which I find extremely cool.

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    I love this series I read all of the Dragon's gift books first and loved them When I saw they were available in audiobook I took a chance on the first set (The huntress) and was very pleasantly surprised with the narrator, Laurel Schroeder Her ability to give each character an individual voice that carries throughout all of the different series was truly incredible and impressive Her narration didn't distract from the story, instead it was so wonderfully done that I found myself almost immersed in the story than when I read them myself.Linsey Hall is an amazing author who makes these stories come to life in a way only a great writer can.

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    I couldn’t stop reading this set! The characters are so well written and the adventure just draws you farther in I stayed up way to late several nights just to find out what happens to Nix, Del, and Cass The books flow smoothly into each other Each one makes you ask is this where we find out about the monster and the past? What else are the ladies going to find out about their magic? I can’t wait to get into the next portion of this series to find out !

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    I like a lot of stuff about this series I like that she uses real historical stuff in the books, a lot of how magic was done, the world in general, and the overall story arc I like that they return the magical artifacts after stripping them of dangerous about to expire magic and return them I like that the first couple of books are pretty typo free After that though there are some in all the rest and they get worse, not really bad, but noticeable.My biggest disconnect with this series is Aiden He is soon perfect and extremely handsome too I think I would've liked him better if he just had an average face, but a really cut body, like maybe that's when she really noticed he's attractive I understand her dragon soul coveting him for his power and all, but the way he's described. He's just so perfect that I don't believe he could exist I'm cool with super rich and cut, but having him model good looks and unattached is silly I also knocked a star for a couple of discontinuities That's a big thing for me, and with these books all one after the other, with no wait inbetween, I really noticed.

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    I really enjoyed this series I read all these books in about a week I've since looked at the author and purchased books from her.

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    I loved this so much finding out about Cass and her friend Del and Nix.The Dragons gift has so many fantastic characters and this author has given us an amazing look into the fire souls start as they are mentioned in some of her other series that I also highly recommend all under the dragons gift series can't wait to start the next set about Del!

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    the idea is well executed, the sisters are well drawn though i did feel that at times did not act like they were.It’s a series that entertained worth the time to reach the end of the series i will get the next run.

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    This gave me loads of enjoyable hours reading, with cliff hangers and a little romance not to mention family loyalty

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    A gift to us from a fantastic author x

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    good book

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