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The Complete Calvin and Hobbes [Box Set]

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Join Calvin and Hobbes on all their adventures in this three volume hardcover collection of every comic strip from the comic strips eleven year history toCalvin and Hobbes is unuestionably one of the most popular comic strips of all time The imaginative world. Calvin and Hobbes was uite simply the best comic strip ever made Follow the adventures of six year old Calvin clever yet lazy and his stuffed tiger Hobbes who comes to life whenever the two are alone Perfect for both adults and children Consistently funny It’s just the bestThere are three ways to get a nearly perfect collection of every stripFirst you can purchase The Complete Calvin and Hobbes box set which comes in a three volume hardcover or a four volume paperback setSecond you can buy the 11 collections books Calvin and Hobbes Something Under the Bed is Drooling Yukon Ho Weirdos from Another Planet The Revenge of the Babysat Scientific Progress Goes “Boink” Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons The Days Are Just Packed Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat There’s Treasure Everywhere It’s a Magical WorldThird you can buy the treasuries each of which contain the strips from two of the collections and a bit of bonus material and then the last 5 collections books The Essential Calvin and Hobbes The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons The Days Are Just Packed Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat There’s Treasure Everywhere It’s a Magical WorldI love these books I have read through the entire collection than once Both of my kids love the books My younger daughter in particular has read through them many times Totally appropriate for both children And never be put off by your child reading comic strips They are generally written at a higher level than their usual reading material and they are reading nearly the same number of words per minute Their vocabulary will definite expand And they will learn once and for all that “bats aren’t bugs

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Te Calvin and Hobbes Composed of three hardcover four color volumes in a sturdy slipcase this New York Times best selling edition includes all Calvin and Hobbes cartoons that ever appeared in syndication This is the treasure that all Calvin and Hobbes fans se. I've been a massive fan of Calvin and Hobbes since I was a child and wanted to give the gift to my children Needless to say my son has been laughing like a drain since we bought thisThe uality is lovely even though it is paperback The jokes are as current as ever and it makes one wistful for one's childhoodBill Watterson is a genius If you don't know these books you should buy it and if you have the books already it is a lovely collector's edition set to have around the house

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Of a boy and his real only to him tiger was first syndicated in and appeared inthan newspapers when Bill Watterson retired on January The entire body of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons published in a truly noteworthy tribute to this singular cartoon in The Comple. Well first of all I bought my collection from Books2yourDoor delivered through I know has a terrible track record for delivering books comics etc but my collection came unscathed thanks to Books2YourDoor packaging the collection in a box with paper in another boxI recommend them as sellers for startersI don’t think I need to ramble on about the magic of Calvin and Hobbes being a brilliant work of artAlthough there is a long history there that should be readSaying that I have the utter most respect for Watterson never selling out to the big guys for ego or moneyHe stayed true to his artistic vision and to love Calvin and Hobbes you don’t need a load of merch just this set I am guilty of buying merchandise but I just respect MrWatterson a lot for his fight so if you don’t know the history have an interesting read of itNow this collection is a beautiful heavy set I went for paperback it’s cheaper I may upgrade one dayThe pages are lovely thick glossy and the spine of the book is nice and durablePutting the books back in the box being paperback and long hasn’t proved tricky yet so that’s a plus alsoThese books can be lay down on a table to be read easily without damaging the integrity of the binding of the books alsoAs the title suggests you get the WHOLE lot in this massive collectionSunday’s and Dailies unlike Peanuts that ran for fifty years and you need each yearly book and separate Sundays this has everything neatly in one packageIt’s a true masterpiece of work and worth the fifty uid I paidIf you love Calvin and Hobbes then don’t hesitateSame if you love the comics mediumRecommend

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