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    This book should be given to every person who is freshly diagnosed with diabetes! It's a great guide and overview as to what kind of life you, as a diabetic, should start living Much as I appreciate the information my doctor and pharmacist gave me (I was diagnosed with Type II two weeks ago), it was not as comprehensive or insightful as this book is when it comes to describing the day to day lifestyle I need to adopt.There are four chapters (nutrition, mindset, exercise, sleep) packed with plenty of good and useful information I'm now striving to limit my meals to 30g of carbs each, get in 10,000 steps/day, ensure I give myself enough time for some quality sleep each night, and apply other lessons from this book.If you've recently been diagnosed and you're wondering what to do next, you need to read this!Update: 19.Aug.2018 I was diagnosed in January with Type II and an initial A1C of 10.1% Re tested in March and it had dropped to 7.3% Off to a great start thanks to the information in this book and just enough self discipline to adhere to about 75% of it (I exercise about 3 4 times a week, and after some initial discussion with my doctor and pharmacists I eased up to 45g of carbs per meal but I still made great progress).My most recent test was in July, and I'm very pleased to report my A1C is now 5.4 Thank you, Adam Brown, for putting me on the right path to controlling this disease!

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    FINALLY a very informative book written by someone who is living with the disease While I believe most endocrinologists truly do want to provide the best advice and care for you, unless you have LIVED with the disease, I think it is often impossible Adam explains the many, many ways in which blood sugar can be affected, the frustration of when you do everything right and your blood sugar is still whacky, as well as solutions that have worked for him, and can work for other diabetics Being diagnosed in 1998, I was essentially sent home with a bottle of insulin and a pack of syringes with a good luck from the doctor's office If I had a book like this when I was first diagnosed I could have avoided the many hard lessons I had to learn along the way While I am in a much better place now with regards to blood sugar control, it was a long journey getting there This is a MUST read for the newly diagnosed, OR for people like me that didn't get the proper training when initially diagnosed It will truly make your life with diabetes so much easier after reading this.

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    Why doesn't a manual like this exist for every aspect of life? It would make things so much easier!This book is INCREDIBLY helpful with practical suggestions on food, exercise, sleep and mindset The beautiful layout makes the information easy to absorb and reading it is indeed like having a conversation with your most practical friend as they share their best tips and experience with you Breaking topics down into bright spots and landmines is a really helpful way to think about the different aspects of diabetes management I would recommend it for ANYONE with diabetes or pre diabetes there is useful information for everyone here Thank you, Adam!!

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    This book is the positivity I so desperately needed I was diagnosed with diabetes and the physician did not give me very much help I worked out a bunch of stuff on my own from the internet, but I was having trouble finding empathy This book provides empathy and a whole bunch of tips and tricks for diabetics At this price point, every diabetic should own this The author puts a lot of focus on insulin injections which doesn't affect me at the moment, but I still found it interesting to read about and learn to empathize with diabetics who do require insulin injections.

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    As the leader of a Diabetic Support Group, I'm always interested in knowing what my group is interested in learning, as well as what helps them deal with diabetes the most Recently I noticed that nearly everyone was reading Adam Brown's book and asked them about it It was unanimous, everyone loved the book They all said they had gained a lot of information that they hadn't been aware of before and were positive about the changes they were making in their diabetes after reading his book With endorsements like that I had to buy a copy for myself to read The book is well written It's easy to read and understand and full of helpful information I don't think any diabetic could read this book and not gain something helpful from it I know for a fact, that Adam Brown's way of looking at and dealing with this complicated disease, has and will continue to help the multitude of diabetics that read his book.

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    Just loved this book, and truly, it's also the book I wish someone had handed me upon diagnosis I appreciate the emphasis on Bright Spots instead of Landmines Adam purposely writes this way to keep things weighted towards positivity It's helped me change my mindset from What did I do wrong here to what worked before and how can I do of THAT behavior There are four sections in the book food, mindset, exercise, and sleep and I actually found them all helpful In particular, sleep has always been a challenge for me and even so with a toddler now, but realizing that better bloodsugars overnight mean better sleep which means a better tomorrow has helped me re evaluate how to improve this area of my life and not settle for bad sleep My favorite thing about Adam's book is that it is ACTIONABLE This isn't a book that says Hey, just be positive and things will be better That doesn't work for most people Instead, there are specific things you can do outlined in this book that will immediately make your blood sugars better That means I don't have to wait and see what my next A1c is to see if things are improving I can literally feel better, and do better, at my next meal with these tips Bravo to Adam and thanks for bravely and candidly sharing your story, struggles and successes with all of us!

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    I couldn't recommend this book enough Full of amazing tips, motivation and backed by facts and Adam's personal evidence What makes this book unique is how you can (and you will) relate to Adam as a type 1 diabetic and completely understand every high and low he describes and most importantly you will be elated to hear the solutions!I am so grateful to Adam for writing this book and so glad I came across it early into diagnosis (2 years) Adam has saved me years of frustration and rollercoaster blood sugar levels and I am now happily on a stable low carb diet and can already see the differences in my levels; however the most important change for me is my mindset, I am now happy and do not see my diabetes as much as a hinderence to my life any.If you are considering buying this, all I can say is DEFINITELY BUY IT! You WILL be inspired and you will see the changes you can make for the better.Thank you Adam and I look forward to reading what you come up with next!

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    A great book whether you’ve just been diagnosed or are struggling There are numerous tips and they’re easy to understand.It’s non judgemental e.g with a blood glucose reading, it’s not a good or a bad number: it’s just information so that you can make a decision.

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    Sorry but I just don't get how this book is supposed to be helpful As a T1 diabetic I expected information on how to manage and improve control of this disease All I seem to have got is a view of the authors life and feel good attitude living in a pretty stable environment Foods are barely covered apart from tasking you to figure out what is good for you Basically no real info to draw from.

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    Without being over complicated or too wordy this book has been a real eye opener in regards to my approach to my Type 1 management and my personal battle with carbs.It is broken down into relevant easy to process sections and very practical advice, hints and goals to work to.It's a shame I didn't get this sort of insight & advice 15 years ago Excellent and very helpful book.

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    For me, somebody living with T1 diabetes for over 30 years now, this is the most anticipated book ever for people living with diabetes So far I have read the first two chapters and already I have made changes to my morning routines Easy to follow, actionable, and coming from a person (Adam) with a wealth of experience Highly recommended

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Bright Spots & Landmines: The Diabetes Guide I Wish Someone Had Handed Me

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Hopefully yours too Bright Spots helpful strategies to feel less stressed guilty and burned out; and simple ways to improve exercise and sleep Along the way Adam argues that the usual focus on problems and mistakes in diabetes Landmines misses the bigger opportunity Bright Spots By. As the leader of

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Adam Brown’s acclaimed diaTribe column Adam’s Corner has brought life transforming diabetes tips to over million people since In this highly actionable guide he shares the food mindset exercise and sleep strategies that have had the biggest positive impact on his diabetes – and. Why doesn't a man

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Identifying what’s working and finding ways to do those thingsoften we can all live healthier happier andhopeful lives Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had type or type diabetes for over years this book delivers on its promise practical diabetes advice that works immediately. I couldn't recomm

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