REVIEW ✓ Révélations de l’éternité. Volume 1. Livre d’images

Révélations de l’éternité. Volume 1. Livre d’images

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Livre dimages Jai cr les images prsentes dans ce livre partir des lieux de rvlation des zones dternit les plu. Ce livre est remp


S intenses Ces lieux sont partout et il est opportun de les trouver pour percevoir ltat de la vie ternelle Ce. Dans ce livre rec

Grigori Grabovoi ß 1 REVIEW

Livre permet dapprendre localiser ces lieux selon la logiue interne de la connaissance expose dans les image. C'est très harmo

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  • Révélations de l’éternité. Volume 1. Livre d’images
  • Grigori Grabovoi
  • French
  • 05 September 2017
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About the Author: Grigori Grabovoi

Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi holds a PhD in physics and mathematics a PhD in engineering science; is a professor an academician the author of the Discovery “The Creating Information Area”; the creator of the works on disaster prevention on complete health restoration He is the author of the Teachings On Salvation And Harmonious Development registered in the US Library of Congress Copyright Office As the author of scientific and popular science writings GP Grabovoi is registered with VG WORT a German сopyright collecting societyGrigori P Grabovoi is the sole author and copyright holder of his works who licenses the right to use his works To use his works in the civilian sphere and for the purpose of being able to exercise his copyright rights he obtained the patents registered his works in the US Library of Congress Copyright Office and became a trademark owner The technologies of the authorial Teachings of GP Grabovoi “On Salvation And Harmonious Development” make it possible to prevent disasters and ensure harmonious constructive progression of events The facts confirming 100% accuracy effectiveness of Grigori P Grabovoi’s preventive forecasting and control technologies have been certified by the state organizations and by private persons The three volume edition of “Practice of Control The Way of Salvation” has been published which contains the documented results of the work performed by him In his dissertation “Applied Structures of the Creating Field of Information” Grigori PGrabovoi based on constructive principles states that man’s consciousness is not only capable of reflecting reality by means of perception and sensation but is a creative substance in itself And hence it follows that man being one of the elements of the universe where all the elements are interconnected is able to interact with other elements of the universe just by changing his own consciousness The application results reflected in this work prove that the Teachings of constructive development of сognition and of control of events make it possible to formalize all phenomena of reality and have environmentally safe path of technogenic and eternal developmentA number of books mainly in Russian have been published based on Grigori P Grabovoi’s scientific and practical activities By studying his works every person can learn to use the technologies of salvation and harmonious development; it has been substantiated by personal experience and the practice of thousands of people and by their certified testimonials contained in the three volumes of “Practice of Control The Way of Salvation” published in 2012 The description of Grigori P Grabovoi`s patents for inventions “The Disaster Prevention Method and the Device for Its Implementation” 2148845 issued May 10 2000 and “The Information Transfer System” 2163419 issued February 20 2001 – can be found on the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of Russia Rospatent official websiteThe works of Grigori P Grabovoi have achieved a wide readership

7 thoughts on “Révélations de l’éternité. Volume 1. Livre d’images

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    Ce livre est rempli de la lumière de votre android

  2. says:

    Album Art l'auteur de La manifestation de l'éternité, je l'ai aimé. Merci beaucoup à l'auteur pour son travail unique. La perception humaine de l'état de l'éternité de l'esprit, l'esprit, le corps et l'âme naturellement normaliser ses expériences et la santé.

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    Dans ce livre recueilli un très harmonieuse de l'oeuvre. Lorsque j'ai regardé ces images, il m'est devenu facile et clair. Je conseille de l'acheter.

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    «Travailler avec l'avenir est le travail, y compris la forme de l'information.

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    C'est très harmonieuse livre.

  6. says:

    Un grand livre

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    Chaque image dans l'album de Grigori Grabovoi des Manifestations de l'Éternité c'est l'entrée dans l'éternité. Même si nous ne considérons que l'album la situation autour de vous est en train de changer pour le mieux. Ouvrez une image à partir de l'album Grigori Grabovoi des Manifestations de l'Éternité et spiritualiser la Lumière de l'amour, de la bonté, et l'harmonie.

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