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The Art of Pin-up

Hanson Dian ; Blum Sarahjane ; Meisel Lo Ô 0 characters

In the 15 years since TASCHEN released The Great American Pin up int. Enormous book 30 x 40 x 65 cm 12 x 16 x 25 great illustrations and photos high uality thick paper in the continuity of other XL collection volumes by TaschenThe first 100 pages of introduction chapters feature very comprehensive text than the rest of the book But there are lots of images there too Then one 30 to 50 page chapter is dedicated to each master Rolf Armstrong Enoch Bolles Peter Driben Gil Elvgren 76 pages Art Frahm Bill Medcalf Earl Moran Zoe Mozert George Petty Alberto Vargas Plus an extra chapter about other artistsThe text is trilingual English German French as the German editor Taschen accustomed us toAll in all the imagetext surface ratio is about 9 to 1 including many many pages with no text but tiny legendsA couple of fold out pages extend the illustration surface to a huge 116 x 39 cm 46 x 15 uadriptych Vargas beauties deserve this but I wish there were CONCLUSION A must have for any amateur worth the £70 80 90 100 price tagATTENTION there seems to be two editions using the same ISBN One with 720 pages inside a cardboard case de fr one with 546 pages and no case couk This comment is about the latter Very positive although I expected to get the former therefore the 4 stars only

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Ed exponentially Paintings by leading artists such as Alberto Vargas. I am absolutely delighted with this item it is Realy special many thanks

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Ernational interest in this distinctly American art form has increas. Beautiful make sure you've got a shelf big enough for it

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