Summary â Teen Torment: Overcoming Verbal Abuse at Home and at School

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    This should be required reading for all teens especially if a teen is dating We all deal with verbal abuse in some form in some area of our lives This book gives details for understanding what is happening so one can reframe the experience rather than absorb and be affected or controlled by the experience which is exactly why the abuser is doing it It gives teens tools and steps to take whether the abuser is a friend, family member, teacher, boss, or boyfriend girlfriend It provides a list of specific behaviors some of which may surprise the reader as being included as an abusive behavior The idea is that a behavior that is trying to control another is abusive A teen doesn t have to read the whole book to get something out of it and once the light bulbs start going off, they won t want to put it down.

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    Every teen should be able to read this and be taught this information If you want to arm the young person you know with information that can save them a ton of misery, you should give this book to them Further, these are the awarenesses and skill that should be taught to every teen This book will help us speak to each other civilly, teach us when we ourselves are communicating in an unhelpful manner, and help us get back on track to what we really want connection with others that doesn t hurt.

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    This is a MUST READ by EVERYONE who has contact with children and all other Human Beings, Well Written revealing abusive language so prevalent in our current society, along with helpful examples of how teens and all of us can better respond when we are the target of verbally abusive phrases and words Powerful understanding, powerful alternative language.

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    Also, very good if your interested in topic.

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    Good read.

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    My 17 yr old grandson read the book and thought it was good He told me there was stuff that he thought helped him.

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Teen Torment: Overcoming Verbal Abuse at Home and at School

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