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In this republication revisit the late Linda Nochlin’s pioneering writings on the representation of women in art Women―as warriors workers mothers lovers―haunt nineteenth and twentieth century Western painting This republication of Representing Women brings together the late Li. Great value


Nda Nochlin’s most important and pioneering writings on the representation of women in art as she considers works by Jean Francois Millet Eugene Delacroix Gustave Courbet Edgar Degas Georges Seurat Mary Cassatt and Kathe Kollwitz among many others In a riveting partly autobiographi. Fundamental reading material for feminist art historians

Linda Nochlin â 1 SUMMARY

Cal introduction Nochlin argues for the honest virtues of an art history that rejects methodological presuppositions and for art historians to investigate the work before their eyes while focusing on its subject matter informed by a sensitivity to its feminist spirit 170 illustration. Had notes in really helpful

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    Great value

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    Thank you very much. I cetainly will look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Joan

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    I love it. Good appearance, perfect inside and reasonable price. If you're doing research on the Feminist Art, I think you'd better get this book.

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    Thank you!

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    Overall, this book is very informative. As good as it is, the thing I kept getting hung up on was the very verbose way in which Nochlin had to emphasize and re emphasize every point. At times it felt like she opened up a thesaurus and changed out the common sense words with $25 words. I definitely have a different view of the feminist art movement.

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    Fundamental reading material for feminist art historians.

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    Terrific compilation of essays by this late and lamented art historian truly, one to own.

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    Quite a complicated book by an art historian. Interesting if you have the inclination to read it carefully and take in the history as well as the art.

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    Had notes in, really helpful

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    Disappointing when you excitedly order a book and it arrives with a damaged front cover.

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