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Voice Over IP

Sigma's L2TP broadband solutions provide the ideal medium for a Voice Over IP solution. With a low installation cost and excellant Quality Of Service, you can instantly benefit from the savings provided by Voice over IP without impacting upon your data network.

The Avaya IP Office range provides support from 2 - 256 phone extensions and up to 60 external lines. With one highly capable software solution the IP Office will grow with your business and enable rapid expansion at low cost and with no disruption.

Our VOIP solutions are designed and installed by Upper Systems Limited, an Avaya Gold Buisiness Partner. They provide a complete range of services from phone line management, least cost routing, integration with existing networks, training and maintenance contracts.

Uniquely with Sigma, VOIP is not just a way to save money, it can also save your business!

The VOIP network can operate as a self-financing network without placing any burden on your existing data infrastructure. This separate network infrasructure is no more complex than a phone point at each site but it provides a unique opportunity for redundant protection of your operating systems.

In the event that your data network suffers a catastrophic failure, you will be able to use the L2TP - VOIP network, which is intrinsically secure and private, to remotely access or remote server and network management devices. These will allow you to take control of your servers down to BIOS level, switch power on and off, cure a virus infection, control network switches, routes and gateways via their serial management ports to get your main network up an running again.

The host of your L2TP network could also host backup systems and data so these services could be delivered to any location on the network.

What is even more impressive, is that all this can be achieved over basic ADSL connections because when you are busy saving your company, the voice calls fall back to the PSTN leaving you a secure, clear and operational network connection to every part of your business!

So in summary, Sigma VOIP can:-

  • generate ongoing savings and rapid ROI
  • avoid any of the negative impact of VOIP upon your data networks
  • avoid the costs of delivering high QOS over existing infrastructure
  • be installed in weeks
  • eliminate costly leased lines
  • provide a secure and redundant system management network
  • be used to control virtually any network or computer device
  • save your business!

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