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Page Summary: A broadband solution for business. A vpn solution that is reinforced by a secure network design to deliver maximum computer network security.

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Secure Broadband WAN

Take just a few minutes to examine these two diagrams. They illustrate how our broadband service will help you to protect your organisation from virus attack, hackers and illicit access to internet porn.

Combined with other Sigma technologies our broadband service will also serve as a redundant backup to your company WAN, enabling rapid and secure system recovery

Each diagram shows a two site company with a VPN running over the BT ADSL network with 512kbs /256kbs connection speeds. They can be anywhere in the UK.

Above is a typical broadband VPN. It is using two BT500 broadband network accounts and the internet business packs to provide fixed IP addresses. They cost £75 per month per site.

  • You are one of 100,000's of internet users sharing your ISP's network.
  • You can see them, and they can see you.
  • Your connection is also visible to anyone via your ISP's internet point of presence.
  • Your only protection against port scanning, virus attack or hackers is a decent firewall at all of your internet connections and anti-virus software on your PC's.
  • Multiple internet connections make it more expensive to monitor internet abuse and more difficult for you to prevent infection.

Sigma-IP A secure broadband WAN / Intranet solution

This above diagram is a Sigma-IP VPN intranet with a managed link to the internet. It uses two Sigma 512/256 ADSL accounts, with fixed IP addresses and most importantly L2TP security costing just £80 per month, per site for the intranet and a 1mb adsl standard internet link from any supplier for internet access.

  • Yours are the only two network ports on your VLAN segment of the service providers Cisco switch.
  • Only your ports can connect to each other. They cannot be accessed by any other network.
  • Your intranet ports are invisible to anyone on the internet, because there is no internet point of presence.
  • You are isolated from port scanning, virus attack or hackers. You only need a single firewall and anti-virus scanner if you choose to connect this VPN intranet to the internet.
  • A single internet connection makes it easier to monitor internet abuse and more easier for you to prevent infection.
  • You have the keys to your network and no one goes in or out without your consent and knowledge.

    A £5 per month premium gives you complete peace of mind and saves you money when compared to the alternative of:-

  • providing firewalls at every site,
  • antivirus software on every PC
  • applying constant security patches on all of your PC's
  • repairing a virus infection
  • recovering lost data
Call us today on 0845 0 601 601 because prevention is cheap and easy with Sigma-IP.



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